A few days after the very launch of the new Isuzu D-Max 4×4 LS-E pickup, StreettalkPh wasted no time to bring the Valencia Orange (exclusive color for the D-Max LS-E) brute to our favorite 4×4 guys, DAWG Overland Outfitter.

Since the new D-Max now has a whole new body style, we were excited how it will look in full 4×4 gear. Because the off-road industry is a fast growing one, choices over accessories and equipment is abundant, and picking one is not easy as it seems. Here, DAWG knows beforehand what will fit our D-Max and has them readily available.

Rolling Stock

As with any enthusiast, first thing to go are the OEM tires. While the stock tire/rim combo is good for the street, it takes a lot more to rummage through mud, stones or sand (or a mixture of these). Of course, we went for the biggest ones we could find. Here, DAWG recommended logical alternatives because bigger is not always better. In our case, the 10in. Black Mamba rims and AMP 265/70/17 AT tires may look good, but it will require some serious suspension lift. Anyway, we still installed them for the photoshoot.

As you can see in the images, the Black Mamba mags and AMP AT Tires look pretty awesome!

Camping Accoutrements

First logical pick was a tent. We opted for the rooftop tent by Body Armor. It’s simple to install on the roof. Front Runner Loadbars were used to mount the tent hardware on the roof racks without any modifications. Just make sure you use the correct mounting parts, as the rack on the pickup was of a new design and older model brackets may not fit.

The tent has a capacity of 250kg or two people, and sleeping paraphernalia. The tent is easy to pitch, pulling out the roof and sides, and then locking the frame. It also comes with an aluminum foldout ladder for easy access.

Of course, you can’t go on long trips without refreshments. DAWG’s solution is the Snowmaster 56L dual-zone fridge. It’s a battery-powered ref/freezer to keep your drinks cool and food fresh even after a long day at the road. All you need is to mount it securely on the bed (either tie downs or brackets). Supplying the electric juice is a 12V DAWG Overland Power Pack. This can also be used to charge accessories or lighting equipment.

Ask and you shall receive

While this is just a sample of what you can do to the new Isuzu D-Max LS-E 4×4, the options are long and diverse. DAWG offers a lot more than equipment and accessories; they offer consultation on what will work best for your rig. Discussion is the key here to determine the proper modifications that you will need–in accordance to your budget, of course. To them, its more than just making business and profits, it’s promoting the industry and instilling camaraderie. As the old adage says: Quality over quantity.

Parts list and Price

  • Black Mamba mags with 10in. width with 4.5in offset –PHP 38,000
  • AMP tires 265/70/17 All Terrain- PHP 50,000 (set of 4)
  • TJM liftkit- PHP 78,125 (not installed)
  • Body Armor rooftop tent –PHP 55,000
  • Front Runner Loadbar – PHP 20,000
  • Snowmaster 56L dual zone fridge – PHP 66,000
  • DAWG overland power pack(12v) – PHP 18,500

DAWG Overland Outfitter – 79 7th Ave., West Grace Park, Caloocan City

Tel: 09510700008, 0995388861

(L)Piccolo Sarte of Dubshop Performance (TJM) and Jomar Lee of DAWG Overland Outfitters
DAWG Staff with Mr. Jomar Lee (3rd from right)

The DAWG office also acts as parts and accessories display


About DAWG Overland Outfitters
DAWG Overland Outfitter has been in operation since 2011 and specializes in 4×4 vehicles that are ideal for off road adventures.
Based in Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines, the company have been able to earn a good reputation and is quite popular all over the country.
They provide clients with all the parts necessary for their off-road vehicles, as well as tackling all the rough terrains and go through the clients’ overlanding trips while offering a guarantee of a build-quality that gives the best value for money prior to, during, and after the sale.
They aim their brand to be about culture, community, friendship and loyal support, as well as their clients to be more than satisfied and be fanatics as they share their lifestyle and passion for vehicle based adventure travel.
DAWG offers turnkey solutions for your overlanding/offroading vehicle set up!
Building rigs is their passion!

(Text/images by Earl Manalansan)


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