Another crossover in the market but deserving of the monicker

If you will notice, almost all crossovers launched during the past months were of China origins. Chery is no stranger to the market. First introduced over a decade ago, it launched the popular but problematic Chery QQ hatchback that was hounded by after- sales support problems. Mind you, it was spare parts problem, not reliability issues. After suffering a disastrous reputation, Chery closed operations after a few years. But now they’re back. With a vengeance.

Chery Auto Philippines released a number of different crossovers and SUV– even a full-electric car. Right off the bat, Chery is showing the world that they are now technologically adept, complete with after sales support (now with the backing of UAAGI) and are now producing top-notch vehicles The Chery Tiggo 5x is one of them.

Banking on the subcompact category of crossover, it can seat 5 passengers snugly, with extra space for cargo. It also has extra features that make the Tiggo5 a bargain as compared to other crossovers in its class.


Outside, it’s immediate where the design differs from other makes. The beltline is higher, going upwards from the hood. It does away with the floating C-pillar that’s prevalent nowadays, opting for a more solid rear panel. Functional roof rails add to the sporty look. Dynamic 5-spoke rims, shod in 215/60/17 tires, compliment the overall package.

At the front section, the big “waterfront frontface” grille reaches down to the lower valance panel, dominating the fascia. Flanked above by the cat-eye style projector headlamps and faux opening at the lower part where the driving lights should be. Instead, the DRLs are situated there. The simulated skid plate finishes the look.

The rear is conservative; a chrome spear connects the big taillights, which is reminiscent of European SUVs. The rear bumper houses the skid plate ornament and twin-exhaust provisions.


The interior is Spartan enough, all in monochromatic black with gray and aluminum trims. Leather seats are nicely done,with white stitching all around. The front seats boasts of generous lumbar and back support, a pleasant surprise for a mid crossover. Although only the driver is power controlled, the passenger seats is 6-way adjustable. The Tiggo 5X Luxury is equipped with a sunroof.

The center gauge display is LED instead of analog, with the speedometer and tachometer on either side as bar displays, with a digital speedometer at the center. Temperature and fuel level are at either side.

Also a welcome feature is the 9-inch touchscreen head unit with Apple CarPlay functionality. It also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, as well as mirror-link. The only disadvantage here the monitor is angled lower; a disadvantage for taller drivers. This may be because of the glare produced by the sunroof.


Propulsion is provided by a naturally aspirated 1.5 variable-valve-timing, natural aspirated gasoline (Euro5) engine, that’s mated to a continuously variable 7-speed (CVT) transmission. Although not as quite powerful as its contemporaries, it has better fuel consumption, with a measured 10-12km/L on heavy traffic. Power is more linear and comes in lower rpms, which is advantageous in stop and go movement. No turbo lag to speak of.


The influx of crossovers is actually very advantageous to potential buyers out there. The competition forces the manufacturers to offer more “value for your money”. The options in this Tiggo 5x are a good example: A rocking infotainment system with rear cameras, the LED display, the comfy upholstery and the sunroof add more pizzazz to an otherwise regular crossover in a sea of crossovers.

Although lacking in power because non-boost performance, it still gets the job done. The suspension is a little stiff, especially with only the driver inside. You can feel the unevenness of the road. But this also means a sporty drive, which is apparent in tight turns at highway speed; body roll is very minimal. And with the big 17 rims, grip is greater and more stable.

Price as Tested: PHP950,000


  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • ISOFIX Interface
  • Electronic Anti Theft
  • Engine Immobilizer


  • 17″ Mirror Surface Aluminum Rims
  • Sharp Tiger Eye Lens Headlights
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Headlight Off Delay (Follow-Me-Home)
  • 3D Hollow Black Smoked Tail Lights
  • Sunroof w/ Intelligent Anti Slip
  • Load Bearing Luggage Roof Rai

Driver assist

  • Anti-Lock & Brake System
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Cruise Control
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Dynamic Track Reverse Image
  • Front & Reverse Radar
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Parking Break: Electronic with Auto Hold


  • Anti-Lock & Brake System
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Cruise Control
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Dynamic Track Reverse Image
  • Front & Reverse Radar
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Parking Break – Electronic with Auto Hold


  • Auto Climate Control
  • Intelligent Key
  • Keyless Entry
  • Push Button Start
  • Tailgate Remote Unlock
  • Power Side Mirror
  • Turn Signal, Power Folding, and Heater
  • Multi Function Steering Wheel Control

For more information, visit: Chery website

Text/Images: Earl Manalansan


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