Luck is in the air with the Year of the Ox. For those in business, this means the promise of prosperity for those who exhibit the Ox’s characteristics for success–patience, strength, industriousness, trustworthiness, and intelligence. Hyundai trucks and buses have what it takes for better journeys ahead. Even better, you can get them with great deals as Hyundai welcomes the Chinese New Year.

Let Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) help you change your luck for the better with the Oks na Oks sa Year of the Ox promo. From February 12 to March 15, the official Philippine distributor of Hyundai vehicles, offers huge savings on its hard-working fleet of trucks and minibuses.

For light-duty trucks, PhP140,000 off on the HD65/65X cab and chassis and PhP280,000 off on the HD36L Maxculado cab and chassis; a PhP200,000 cash discount on the premium COUNTY to set your shuttle business on track; and, for those looking for massive, heavy-duty support for construction, logistics, or other heavy industries, a hefty PhP480,000 discount on the XCIENT dump truck and tractor (6- and 10-wheeler; cab and chassis).

Stay strong with the HD36L Maxculado

Built with high-capacity chassis and made even more durable with its new ladder frame that features heavier gauge steel, the HD36L Maxculado helps you muscle up any business that requires a good deal of heavy lifting.

This may be a light-duty truck, but its serious muscle and performance will give your operations a boost. The added stabilizer bar increases front-end rigidity and improves steering stability while the enhanced front suspension and shock absorber makes for uncompromised protection of vehicle and cargo. Volume capacity also gets a boost with a longer shuttle rear body. Now 11.8 feet (3600 mm) long, the extended wheelbase and longer cargo bed can accommodate an 11-foot rear deck, giving it a 1.7- ton payload capacity. Complementing the sturdy build is the new more fuel-efficient 2.5-liter diesel engine that gives 130ps power output and 26kg-m torque, further optimized by mating it to a six-speed transmission that delivers 53% more torque than its predecessor and makes for a more effortless drive.

Work hard and smart with the HD65/65X

Engineered to make light work of heavy duties, the HD65/65X is a hardy vehicle built with heat-treated, web-strengthened, ultra-rigid super frame that make for the superior performance and safety of Hyundai HD trucks.

Whether fully loaded or empty, suspension resilience is optimized in the HD65/65X through the proven strength and stability of leaf springs with advanced shock-absorbing technology. When it comes to power, the HD65/65X does not disappoint with its Euro 4 D4GA direct-injection diesel engine with turbocharger. Mated to a 5-speed manual transmission system, this engine generates maximum power output of 150 ps @ 2,500 rpm and maximum torque of 59 kg-m @ 1,400 rpm. All within a highly efficient engine operation that optimally churns generous power at minimal fuel consumption.

Servicing and maintenance for the HD65/65X also comes easy, thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab feature that provides quick and easy access to the engine compartment. Other routine maintenance checks involving fluid levels are effortless with the truck’s advanced integrated fuel filter that requires service at 20,000 km intervals, contributing to greater peace of mind and even greater savings for your operations.

Aim big with the reliable XCIENT

Boasting of a robust design, highlighted by a striking and voluminous front grille, and bold, dynamic lines, the Hyundai XCIENT is a commanding presence on the road. Its strength of character is reinforced even more by the extensive application of Hyundai’s signature high-strength steel, contributing to structural integrity and durability whatever the road or load.

The XCIENT is built to take on tough jobs with its front and rear multi-leaf suspension system and its core Powertech engine (in the D6HA and D6CC for XCIENT cargo trucks and XCIENT 4×2 and 6×2 tractor heads). Engineered with Hyundai’s class-leading technology, these direct-injection turbo-diesel engines produce higher power output for superior road performance no matter the load and are Euro-4 compatible, which makes for smarter operational efficiency with improved fuel consumption and emissions. The D6HA delivers a maximum power output of 380 ps @ 2,000 rpm and maximum torque of 160 kg-m @ 1,200 rpm, while the D6CC churns out maximum power of 410 ps @ 1,900 rpm, and maximum torque: 188 kg-m @ 1,200 rpm—all ready to support the daily rigors of cargo or hauling.

Vehicle maintenance for the XCIENT is also a cinch, thanks to its cab’s tilt angle of 61 degrees and enlarged tilting cylinder that secures the volume of tilting pump reservoir. Protection applied to upper components helps prevent oil leakage, which saves you on undue costs from engine damage and hampered operations.

Count on the COUNTY for countless business ideas

Specially designed for mass transport, the COUNTY mini-bus boasts a host of features that assures dependability, safety, and comfort.

Its body alone is as sturdy and as stable as it gets, thanks to greater rust-resistance from Hyundai’s standard seven-dip electrodeposition primer (EDP), or electrostatic immersion process, plus a stringent chassis durability test that ensures that it can handle a variety of road conditions.

The COUNTY also employs reassuring stopping power, as it’s equipped with Load- Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) that adjusts brake pressure according to the weight distribution of passenger load, as well as 9+10 brake booster for even safer braking.

As for comfort and convenience, it is loaded with thoughtful amenities, like a swing-out type door for easy ingress and egress, semi-cloth upholstered seats for firm yet gentle support, deluxe cargo space to stow extra luggage, and nifty overhead shelves for handy storage.

This Year of the Ox, luck can come in many forms—best of them is the choice of the best partner to get your business back on track. Keep your luck coming and your business moving with great deals on Hyundai commercial vehicles, para maging Oks na Oks ka sa Year of the Ox! Promo runs from February 12 to March 15, 2021.

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