GAC set its sights on the Toyota Innova. Will it have what it takes?

Hoping to cash in on the lucrative MPV segment, Legado Motors Inc., GAC Motors official Philippine dealer, is launching its version of the people transporter, the GAC GN6 270T, within the first half of 2021.

Looking a lot like its bigger sibling, the executive minivan GM8, the GN6 270T is poised to give the über popular Innova a stiff competition. With other manufacturers already released their own versions, GAC is still bullish about getting a piece of the MPV pie.


A 7-seat capacity mini van, the GN6 is powered by the Sino-standard 1.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine; reportedly boasting 169hp and a torque rating of 265Nm – no mean feat for a small van, means a peppy and exhilarating performance. Transmission options are either a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual.


Based on online images, the bold and innovative exterior design coupled with the semi-luxurious interior, the GAC GN6 270T mini van look like a winner. GAC uses high quality materials, especially for the interior—in fact, GAC has that distinctive European interior smell, without any hint of plastic odor. A huge plus for potential owners.

If the present GAC models are to be considered as the benchmark, the GN6 will showcase a tan leather interior and a myriad of high-tech features such as touch screen infotainment system, HD display and various power options.


No announcement on the prices yet, but given the penchant of Legado Motors of charging a premium on their vehicles, expect a higher sticker price for the GN6 270T as compared to its competitors. We hope we are wrong because of so many MPV options available in the market, a higher-than-usual purchase price might be a turn off for buyers.

Watch out for future announcements on the new GAC GN6 270T only here in

Text: Earl Manalansan

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