December 16. Worldbex International, the organizers of the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), officially opened its online show dubbed the MANILA INTERNATIONAL SHOW WIRED, that that primarily features an array of new and exciting models from premium automotive brands. The online tour is until December 20. Opening ceremony was hosted by James Deakin with messages of congratulations form government officials, notably, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Despite the pandemic causing shows to be postponed, the guys from MIAS thought outside the box and decided that the show must go on. With apps like ZOOM and Google Meet now the norm, it was an easy decision for MIAS to go online.

The best of both worlds

With manufacturers still introducing new models, its still business as usual, but instead of people going to the show, the show will go to the people albeit online. You get to eat your cake and eat it too.

Enjoy the 4-day show right in the comforts of your own home. Stay safe and let MIAS do the tour for you.

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