Putting Flexibility and Mobility into the Business Mix

Motorcycles are now one of the best long-term and practical investments you can make when looking for flexibility and convenience in a transportation mode, especially amid the pandemic. These bikes continue to provide thousands of Filipinos with the mobility needed every day, while observing the necessary safety measures.

For businesses, these bikes are helping mobilize their products and services amid the “new normal.” ­­. 

“With more than 18 million bikers in the country, motorcycles have repeatedly shown why it is one of the best modes of transportation for anyone, especially businesses. When you shop online, order food, or need urgent document deliveries, a motorcycle rider will most likely be the one to deliver it to you in the shortest time possible,” said Hervic Villa, MC Planning Department Manager of Honda Philippines,Inc (HPI).

The Good Use of Motorcycles

The pandemic highlighted the importance of motorcycles because it is among the few vehicles allowed to operate during the quarantine period. This helped numerous businesses, big and small, grow over the past few months since people leaned on online services to gather their needs and wants.

Almost all of these businesses endured the pandemic’s challenges with the help of delivery service providers. Couriers, on the other hand, benefit from this setup, as well. In fact, whatever business you start, you will always find ways as to how motorcycles can become strategic investments, especially amid the current lockdowns and community quarantines. Here are some businesses that benefit from motorcycles:

Restaurants  Thanks to online delivery apps and self-employed delivery couriers in social media, these businesses, being one of the most affected industries, stayed resilient and continued its operations by delivering their food to customers.

Online Retail Sellers  Their operations remain resilient during the pandemic since their services did not require much physical interaction with customers, and only delivery couriers being present.

Microbusinesses – People offered their cooking or baking skills, or they would start online garage sales for people online. These micro-businesses would not be successful without the services of delivery couriers completing the transaction.

HPI recognizes how motorcycles impact people’s lives in different ways, especially during today’s global crisis. As a business, the company understands that every investment they make will have a gradual impact on their operations, and that is how they make their motorcycles like Wave110 Alpha, Wave110, and TMX125 Alpha and for Filipinos.

Wave110 Alpha is equipped with an upgraded, fuel-efficient, and environment-friendly 110cc engine for a stronger revolution with its Euro 3 Compliant. It also helps riders maneuver traffic with its durable suspension for superior stability and traction, and its quality meter panel provides accurate gear indicator and fuel gauge.

Business and riders can show off their Wave110 Alpha with its striking body stickers and three classy color variants: Black, Candy Lightning Blue, and Victory Red. It is available at all of Honda’s dealerships with a suggested retail price of PHP47,700.

Wave110 sets a different tone for business owners. It may have the same engine as the Wave110 Alpha, but it provides a certain secure feeling for riders with its iconic headlight and winker and its integrated tail light for visibility and safety at every turn. It also has a full chaincase to guard the chain for a smooth ride.

Riders will also enjoy its premium image emblem with four stylish color variants: Matte Summit Silver Metallic, Lemon Ice Yellow, Candy Energy Orange, and Pearl Magellanic Black. It is available at all of Honda’s dealerships with a suggested retail price of PHP56,900.

Meanwhile, TMX125 Alpha is equipped with the legendary Overhead Valve (OHV) engine, which was exclusively made for this model and Filipinos. The engine also uses a push rod to deliver a balance of acceleration and control for hours of easy and hassle-free tricycle and business operations while still being fuel-efficient at 58 km/L.

The working Filipino can ride safely and comfortably with its Flat Dual Seat Design and the compacted and hardened signal lights. The motorcycle also comes in three variant colors: Black, Blue, and Red, and is available at all of Honda’s dealerships with a suggested retail price of PHP51,400.

HPI has dedicated its services to creating a wide array of motorcycles for every Filipino to help them make their everyday lives more comfortable and possibly find innovative ways to make a living. This is in line with the company’s “ONE DREAM” campaign, which aims to fulfill every Filipino’s dream through the joy of mobility provided by motorcycles.

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Stay tuned for our next article on ways to keep your motorcycle from getting stolen or vandalized.



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