Changan Motor Philippines, Inc (CMPI) President and CEO Ms. Maria Fe Perez Agudo,

In an online media launch, Changan Motor Philippines, Inc (CMPI), led by its president and CEO, Ms. Maria Fe Perez Agudo, officially unveiled 5 new models under the new Changan line. Citing the brands more than 150 years of collective manufacturing experience and its technological advances especially in the EV industry, Ms. Agudo expressed HARI’s confidence in the industry despite the current pandemic.

Citing the Filipino’s penchant for reliable vehicles, Ms. Agudo believes that the Filipino motorist should have wider range of automotive choices.

The Changan Top 5 Line

Changan Alsvin – A normally aspirated 1.5 liter gas engine sedan, with either 5-seed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic.

Changan CS 35 Plus – A 5-passenger mini suv with a 1.4 turbocharged engine rated at 150ps, 7speed automatic. Features include 18in wheels and 10in infotainment display

Changan CS75 Plus – A 5-passenger SUV powered by a 1.5 Turbocharged Gas engine with 178ps and a 6speed automatic, with three drive modes. Features include panoramic sunroof and 12in. infotainment display

CS 95 Plus SUV – A 7-seater SUV, powered by 2.0 Turbocharged gas engine rated at 256ps, 6speed automatic. Features include leather seats, 12.3in display, panoramic sunroof and 19in wheels

Changan EADO EV460– A full electric sedan, boasting of only 50minute charging time to achieve 80% power level

CMPI also released the maintenance program called ChanganVital5 that includes free maintenance and longer warranty.

Public launch is on November 26, 2020.


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