As this year’s Undas approaches, many Filipinos are preparing to visit their departed loved ones, especially that this year’s observance will differ because of the global pandemic.

Authorities recently announced the temporary closure of cemeteries, memorial parks, and columbarium from October 29 – November 4 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, people can still visit from September 17 – November 15, as long as visitors wear a face mask and face shield while maintaining social distancing.

According to the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), visitors can only occupy 30 percent of the maximum capacity of cemeteries and memorial parks.

Other than the limited time and vigorous campaign against COVID-19, people can expect crowds of motorists on the designated visitation day. Prestone Philippines, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge coolants and brake fluids in the country, reminds us to keep our vehicles in good condition before embarking on our trip by checking our BLOCBAGETS.

What’s BLOCBAGETS, you ask? Here is the checklist you need to see to ensure a safe journey this Undas:


Step on the brake pedal until it hits the floor to see if it has the right amount of resistance. Make sure that you are also using high-quality, non-counterfeit brake fluid to have a safe ride.


Inspect your vehicle’s auto lights such as the headlights, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and taillights before journeying out. Face your vehicle to a wall of a large solid object to check its brightness to know if it needs fixing.


Make sure to use freshly put oil on your vehicle’s engine to keep it in good condition. Check also for any possible leaks in the engine and keep it at the right oil level.


Coolants help prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating. It absorbs the heat and releases it through the radiator. If you want to keep your engine “fresh,” make sure it has the right coolant level.


Before embarking on your journey, make sure to charger your vehicle’s battery and keep its terminals clean. Ensure the cables are appropriately attached to the terminals to prevent the battery from dying.


Make sure your tires have the right level of air pressure before going out. It can help you worry less about going flat in the middle of your trip.


Always make sure your vehicle has a full gas tank, especially with freshly poured fuel. It will help you worry less about running out of gas during a long trip or when you are stuck in the middle of heavy traffic.


Make sure you have no engine leaks or irregular noises that can be signs of problems. If you find any issues about your engine, please immediately consult your mechanic.


Old tires can become possible problems that can endanger you and your vehicle. Make sure that your tires are fresh or are still in good condition.


Finally, never forget to check on yourself and make sure you are in the right mindset and condition before going on your trip. Make you have no symptoms or illnesses, especially during a pandemic.

NLEX traffic officers are ready to assist motorists this coming Holy Week

Prestone also reminds motorists to stay cautious with the products they use on their vehicles, especially brake fluids that are possibly old or counterfeit. The usage of fake brake fluids can permanently damage or overheat your vehicle’s engine or cause your vehicle to lose its brake, leading to accidents.

To know the brake fluid’s authenticity, check closely at the details of the product and for any wrong spellings. Ensure it has a PS mark or ICC stickers issued by the Bureau of Product Standards of the Philippines. Many counterfeit products also have 900ml packaging.

Motorists should also stay safe from brake fluid sellers whose products come from unknown sources. Familiarize yourself with the product’s original price to remain safe from products with suspicious prices and discounts.

“The safety of the commuters and motorists on the road will always be the top priority for us in Prestone. We make sure to keep our products have high-quality to ensure a safe trip for the motorists,” Paolo Lao, marketing director ng Prestone Philippines, said.


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