One year later, Is it still the ultimate scooter?

For every rider, the ultimate dream motorcycle is usually the ubiquitous big bike. After all, the old adage “ no replacement for displacement” stands true to this day. Power and looks combine to give the rider the ultimate thrill.

Of course, even the most avid rider cannot muster enough strength to use the heavier bike in metro manila traffic, even if he wanted to. Stop and go traffic takes it toll on the engine and transmission, not to mention rider fatigue. That’s why most enthusiasts have 2 bikes on call; the big bike/super bike and a scooter. Why a scooter? Well, not only is it lighter, but infinitely more maneuverable, easier to park and without the love/hate relationship with the shifter and clutch lever.

However, for some guys, they want the best of both worlds; a big displacement bike with an automatic or CVT transmission. Maybe some cannot afford to have two bikes, or their significant other nixed the idea. This special niche is what the Kymco Xciting S 400 is all about. Under the Maxi-Scooter class, the Xciting 400i is a mishmash of the characteristics of the big bike and the simplicity and ease of operation of a scooter resulted in this wonderful super scoot.

Size and Style

The longer wheelbase gives it more rider control, especially at freeway speeds. The flowing sharp lines of the body reduce air turbulence, resulting in smoother aerodynamics. And it looks good also.

Rider comfort is also a factor in the design of the Xciting. The rear seat is set higher, giving the driver a needed backrest, as well as a full view of the oncoming traffic for the passenger. The lower seat height is a boon for traffic stops. An adjustable windscreen is a welcome feature to compensate for different rider positions.

Although a tad bigger than 125-150cc scoots, the Xciting is no slouch. Twisting the throttle launches the scoot to a respectable speed almost immediately. Acceleration is impressive even with a passenger.


The Xciting S 400i is equipped with NOODOE, a customizable app for navigation and connectivity. You have to download the application in order for the Xciting to connect with your smartphone. The thing here is, you have to be connected full time to the internet for the system to work. It can store messages and missed call information, and can be accessed once you’re safely parked. Navigation is a appreciated, especially in unfamiliar routes. The kicker here is the Rolex themed clock option in the main gauge. Elegance understated!


The Xciting S 400i is the perfect compromise for a scooter/Big Bike requirement. It has the power that can put smaller bikes to shame, but has the simplicity of operation that Scoots are known for. The suspension is comfortable and can take potholes like a hero. The bigger size is not so intimidating once you get the hang of it, but it also has it only downside; its more difficult of park in small spaces, plus you can’t do the “rotate on the stand” technique. What’s more it’s expressway legal.

Stopping the heavier Xciting is a job that is handled well by ABS equipped brake system, composed of twin discs up front and single disc at the rear. Twisties can be tricky, but the brakes instill more confidence.

The author did not utilize Noodoe most of the time he took possession mainly because of full attention to the traffic. Also, he says it’s advisable to use a open face helmet or a smaller sized modular helmet; not only for easy storage under the seat, but also for unhampered visuals on the cockpit and side mirrors, as they are placed lower than usual big bikes.

Price as Tested: PHP359,000


  • DISPLACEMENT: 400.1cc
  • MAX HORSEPOWER:  36hp @ 7500rpm
  • MAX TORQUE:          37.7Nm @ 6000rpm
  • FUEL SYSTEM:           Fuel Injection
  • COOLING: Liquid Cooled
  • IGNITION:               Electric


  • TRANSMISSION:         CVT Automatic
  • FRONT BRAKES:         Double Float Disc @ 280mm with Bosch 9.1M ABS
  • REAR BRAKES:            Disc @ 240mm with Bosch 9.1M ABS


  • FRONT SUSPENSION:    Telescopic
  • REAR SUSPENSION:  Double Rear Shock Absorbers with 5 steps preload adjustment
  • TIRES-FRONT:      120/70-15
  • TIRES-REAR:   150/70-14


  • LENGTH:         2175mm
  • WIDTH:           805mm
  • HEIGHT:          1415mm
  • WHEELBASE:  1570mm
  • DRY WEIGHT: 189kgs
  • FUEL CAPACITY :       12.5 Liters

WARRANTY: 12,000kms or 12 months whichever comes first


  • ABS Brakes
  • Handbrake
  • Adjustable Windscreen
  • LED Headlights with DRLs
  • Rear LED taillights


  • Noodoe App
  • 2 Glove boxes
  • USB Charger
  • LED Headlights
  • 5-Level adjustable windscreen
  • Independent front seat with under seat storage space
  • Wide LED Taillight
  • Double disc with ABS (front)
  • Single disc (Rear)

For more information, visit:

Kymco Philippines Inc.: Mañalac Ave., Cor. Sta Maria Drive, Taguig, Metro Manila

Contact us via phone: (02) 821 2345

email:[email protected]

Words/Images: Earl Manalansan


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