UAAGI, the exclusive distributor of Foton trucks and vehicles in the Philippines, revealed their latest offering to augment their Foton truck line: the Gratour TM 300.

A Notch Above

This midi truck series is powered by a class-exclusive, 2.2L Euro4-compliant diesel engine that produces 87hp and 220Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm. It carries a high-strength truck frame that is strengthened by a high-strength steel plate chassis; while its cabin is equipped with a buffer structure and collapsible steering column, which are both designed to absorb energy in event of a collision. Together, these features minimize the possibilities of serious injuries in case of an accident.

ABS Equipped

The Foton Gratour TM 300 also guarantees smooth, reliable and efficient braking combined with its standard ABS (anti-lock braking system), to help prevent skidding or tire slippage during emergency braking, especially with heavy loads.

Roomy Cab

Inside, the driver is treated with a cabin that’s generous with increased elbow room, legroom and headroom. A modern and ergonomic dashboard with easy-to-use controls are an easy reach of the driver, while 10 different storage spaces within the truckhead provide extra storage convenience.

The dynamic mini truck comes equipped with a big-sized cargo container and has a payload capacity of 1,130 kgs – enough to easily transport commercial goods without any reservations.

Incidentally, since these units are assembled in Foton’s Clark plant in Pampanga, the Gratour TM 300 can be had with any of 5 customizable bodies:

  • MPV

  • Dropside, F-Van

  • Wing Van

  • Class-1 F-Jeepney.

Each body type possesses distinct specifications to achieve the desired results of different local businesses. Among those that can greatly benefit from this type of mini trucks are businesses such as water refilling stations, hardware shops, medical stores, construction supply deliveries, modern PUV transport cooperatives and courier services. Also, these trucks can also service various LGUs and other official public transport, especially in these time of the CoVid19 pandemic.

Foton Philippines offers an initial promo offer for the Gratour TM 300 a PHP58,000 all-in, low down payment until September 30. This promo is available for the F-Van, MPV, Dropside, and Wing Van bodies. Moreover, the promotion also includes free 3-years LTO registration, a comprehensive insurance package from AON, and a waived chattel mortgage fee.

For more information regarding Foton’s commercial vehicle packages, you may call their hotline at 0999-999-9998. You may also visit their Facebook page: Foton Philippines, or email them at: [email protected].



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