Singer/songwriter Barbie Almalbis in a Nissan Xtrail

Nissan pledges to keep creativity thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic with a inimitable songwriting challenge for stars, Barbie Almalbis and Zsaris

While Filipinos stay at home to fight the global pandemic, Nissan in the Philippines wanted to lift spirits and promote creativity and innovation. In collaboration with singer-songwriters Barbie Almalbis and Zsaris, Nissan in the Philippines entertained Filipinos by recreating a hit song using a Nissan X-Trail.

In an inspiring joint effort, while both were in quarantine at home, Zsaris was tasked to create her own arrangement to Barbie’s hit single, ‘Money For Food’ using the sounds of Nissan X-Trail such as the car door, seats and turn signals. They also used the sound activations of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility features such as the rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, and moving object detection that showcase the different features of the vehicle that make it so popular.

This is definitely one of the most unique musical projects I’ve ever worked on,” shares musical artist Barbie Almalbis. “I never imagined that someone could make music with a vehicle, but by discovering more about the Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Intelligent Mobility, I realized that it is indeed possible. This project really showed me how versatile this vehicle could be – not only as a great ride, but also as a surprising musical instrument! This was a great way for Zsaris and I to explore our art, and we hope that this would inspire everyone to stay creative while staying safe at home.”

“This is the epitome of a creative challenge – when I first heard about this project, recreating such an iconic song using the sounds of the Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, I was stunned,” says live looper Zsaris. “But actually it forced me to think outside the box while being at home and was a new experience that gave me the opportunity to find creativity anywhere, at anytime, from anything! And also having the opportunity to work virtually with Barbie.”

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Nissan in the Philippines continues to encourage individuals to stay at home to stay safe, but don’t forget the creativity.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for all of us. But we must remember that even if we’re staying safe at home, we can still exercise our creativity. We are so happy to bring creativity to life at this time and collaborated with such talented artists like Barbie Almalbis and Zsaris, to recreate a famous Filipino song with the Nissan X-Trail,” shares Atsushi Najima, Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director. “As the first vehicle in the Philippines to carry Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the Nissan X-Trail features a unique array of sounds that helps create a safe and secure experience for both drivers and passengers. The Nissan X-Trail is truly a vehicle that inspires creativity and passion. It promises a smooth, comfortable, and intelligent drive that is capable of handling any challenge it faces. The nature of the Nissan X-Trail, and this creative endeavor, is a true example of how we at Nissan are able to create bold innovations even in tough situations.”

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