The Motul Jimny. Up close and personal.

This Hi-Po version of the venerable Suzuki Jimny is out of this world!

When the new Suzuki Jimny came out last 2018, the public couldn’t get enough. Orders outnumbered the available units, resulting in a very long wait list, and of course, unbridled excitement. And no wonder; the new version is a sight to look at, not to mention the updated mechanicals and features.

Mr. Carlos Gono was no different. He managed to quickly snatch a unit upon release, but rather keeping it stock, the Autoplus Sportzentrium and Motul High-Performance Motor Oils and Lubricants big boss, immediately went to work. Mr. Gono is known for his ultra-high performance cars, and the Jimny is no exception. Ever on the lookout for up-and-coming performance products, Mr. Gono chanced upon a  YouTube video by F Performance UAE, and their turbo kit for the Jimny, Mr. Gono, naturally, decided to buy a manual unit. “

“I wanted a manual version for me to feel the maximum power once the mechanical upgrades were installed, and this was going to be my daily driver,” explained Mr. Gono.

The Motul Jimny, as it is known now, made its debut at the 2019 Manila Auto Salon, where, as expected, made quite an impression. The motoring public wanted..nay… demanded, to know how it looked inside, what it’s made of, and ultimately, how it ran.

Well, here is the answer.

Simple but classy aesthetics


Exterior Queues and Trims

Devil Powerplant

StreettalkPh counted itself very lucky to be invited as part of a small group to cover the famed Jimny. The pictures don’t do it justice. The video also didn’t catch the complete running shots. I guess we’ll have to settle for this:

Posted by Earl Manalansan on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Jimny Motul details:


  • F Performance Turbo Kit (Garrett Turbo/ Front Mount Intercooler
  • Turbo Smart External Wastegate
  • Close loop Air Fuel Sensor
  • Syvecs ECU
  • Intake Pressure Sensor
  • Ceramic Coated Plumbing
  • High Flow Fuel Pump )


  • Motul Oil: Motul 300V Power 5W40 for Engine
  • Motul Gear 300 75W90 for Manual Gearbox & Transfer Case (to relieve whining sound)
  • Motul Gear Competition for Front & Rear Differential

Exedy Racing Clutch

Exhaust: Autoplus Downpipe & Custom Free Flow Exhaust with Fi Dual side Exhaust Tip


  • RSR Full Adjust Coilovers
  • Volk Racing TE-37 1880 Forge Wheels
  • Falken 235/55/18 Tires


  • Rear Sparetire Delete by Alex Car Restoration
  • JDM Autofold Side Mirrors
  • Kenstyle Roof Spoiler

Stopping Power: AP Big Brake Kit


  • Result Stock from 75whp to 155whp (200hp rated)
  • Torque from Stock 65ft/lbs to 151ft/lbs
  • Top Speed Stock from 140kmh to 185kmh
  • Acceleration: 0-100 from stock 15.6sec to 9.8sec
  • Quarter mile: from 19.8sec to 17.8sec

There you have it folks; the new street hero, the Motul Jimny. Small but terrible, indeed…but in a good way

For more information, visit.

Text and images: Earl Manalansan


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