Isuzu rallies motorists to ‘Live Life Differently’ with digital launch scheduled June 17 via Facebook

For Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), the nearly three months that Filipino motorists and families spent with each other in the relative safety of their homes during the various stages of the community quarantines have imparted valuable life lessons and inspiration to live a life unlike they had before.

IPC President Hajime Koso conveys a message of hope for the Filipino people, IPC employees, and Isuzu customers.

“We will emerge even stronger from every challenge. You can count on IPC to support you in your efforts to rebuild and recover. We support the Filipino people and its leaders as we get back on track to global greatness.” conveys

In this light, IPC’s new campaign “Live Life Differently”, conceptualized just before this public health crisis began, now takes on a more meaningful light.

The “Live Life Differently” campaign encourages IPC’s clients and would-be customers to discover the endless possibilities of driving an Isuzu vehicle. To “Live Life Differently” would mean to simply go beyond the comfort of our homes, to explore the outdoors, and open ourselves up to more adventures, all the while driving an Isuzu vehicle.

The campaign is now the rallying cry for the new Isuzu D-MAX Boondock 4×4, which will be digitally launched via Facebook at 5 p.m. on June 17, 2020. This will be IPC’s first online vehicle launch, and it is but fitting that the campaign will be carried by Isuzu’s ultimate off-roader, that is now made available in 4×4 variant both for manual and automatic transmissions.

Mr. Koso stresses, “We move on from every challenge, and with every obstacle we hurdle, we must live life differently to be able to be tougher, more resilient, more enduring, and more dependable. The new D-MAX Boondock 4×4 is our response to the toughest challenge we have faced yet.”

Now, as the nation gradually reopens its economy and finds new opportunities, Isuzu and its “Live Life Differently” campaign can help the country build a roadmap to an even more robust transport economy and be the Filipino motorists’ vehicle to renew and strengthen bonds with one another.


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