Launched Online amid Fanfare

Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) held a sneak preview of the digital launch of the all-new Geely Azkarra, classified as a Compact SUV Mild Hybrid to the local automotive media. The Azkarra is designed to give new meaning to its segment in terms of technology, design, and engineering, coming from a complete redesign from its 2016 predecessor,

Geely Design China’s Vice President and General Manager Guy Burgoyne said that they have worked miracles to bring luxury brand level technology into the Azkarra. Burgoyne adds, “after listening to consumer feedback, we also wanted the user to have easier access to Azkarra’s technology and storage spaces by further refining our interior design.”

Geely Design China’s Vice President and General Manager Guy Burgoyne (image: Geely Global)

“the previous generations of Azkarra were already praised by its users for its performance and technology. When it was first launched, it was given the nickname ‘the most beautiful SUV in China’ –with such high praise we knew we had to work harder on the second and third generations.” according to Geely Design China’s Vice President and General Manager Guy Burgoyne.z

The integration of the mild hybrid technology to its next vehicle brand is a bold step for Geely as a new challenger in the Philippine automotive industry. SGAP President and CEO Mikihisa Takayama said, “right now, we see that the auto industry is gearing towards hybrid and electric vehicle technology as it becomes increasingly popular.” Geely’s next generation compact SUV is a 48V Electric Motor Synergy (EMS) model, powered by a 1.5-liter turbo-charged gasoline engine complemented by a 48V belt-starter generator (BSG), a 48V-12 DCDC converter, 48V lithium-ion battery module, and battery management system (BMS).

The interior is the heart of the Azkarra design. Molding from both practicality and beauty, the end-result is mesmerizing, to say the east Driving the Azkarra everytime gives you the satisfaction of a comfort and excitement. Its like driving it the first time–everytime. What’s more, despite the luxurious aura, all controls are easy to use and all within reach. It is still passenger-centric.

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) has recently announced that all Geely vehicles, including the Azkarra, that are being sold in the Philippines are already equipped with CN95 filters. These cabin filters are designed to effectively filter out dust, harmful gases, particulate matter (PM) 2.5 particles, droplets with diameters larger than .74 microns which are often attached to corona viruses.

Setting a competitive price range among compact SUVs, the Geely Azkarra can be bought for as low as PHP1,438,000 for its front-wheel drive Premium variant and PHP1,598,000 for the all-wheel drive 48V EMS Luxury variant — far below the SRP of some premium SUV of its competitors.

Surprisingly affordable!

For an option-laden compact SUV and a Hybrid at that, the pricing of the Geely Azkarra is geared towards the potential SUV owner that is in tune with the current world events and environmental issues. Being a responsible human doesn’t have to be expensive and unattainable.

The Geely Azkarra, is an affordable luxury SUV. With its technological power, refined interior, healthy space, and safety features, the Geely Azkarra will bring a more enjoyable experience to your high-quality life.” said Geely Auto Group CEO An Conghui

Upgraded in all aspects, the designers and engineers of Geely said they are confident that the Azkarra is redefining the segment for a lifestyle inspired premium SUV.

Your Refined Ride starts with Azkarra.

For a closer look, go to Geely North EdsaAddress: 1016 EDSA, cor Corregidor, Bago Bantay, Quezon City, 1105 Metro Manila Phone(02) 8251 7523


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