The newly extended Carmona Racing Circuit provided the perfect venue

Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) has once again made its mark in Philippine motorcycle competition with the previous Yamaha Grand Prix race series. Held last February 23, it also serves as the last race series according to reports.

The media vantage point

The YGP has been instrumental with bringing the grass-roots level of competitors to national levels. Hailing from all over the Philippine, these fierce competitors proved their mettle with the YGP, bringing with them raw talent with the help of course, from Yamaha and its series of sponsors.

Yamaha is also responsible for producing great champion riders such as “The Wonder Boy” Mckinley Kyle Paz and Masato “Chairman” Fernando, who incidentally now compete in the international circuit, most notably, is the prestigious Asia Road Racing Championships.

The whole day affair saw several races, including an all-female series. The fierce race wowed the growing crowd, showing the power of the Yamaha motorcycles, combined with the talent of the riders that featured banking techniques, knee-scraping turns and high powered blasts through the straights.

Starting line

Another attraction was the Dealer Cup Race, also known as the Sight 115 Race, where different Yamaha dealers sponsored different talented riders, representing their respective provinces from different regions, using the Yamaha 115 Sight motorcycles.

The next focus of Yamaha racing is reportedly the FIM ARRC. This is the same event where Mckinley Paz win the championship in the UB150 category on his Sniper 150. Paz is said to be gunning the SS600 class with the Yamaha YZF-R6. On the other hand, Fernando will still blaze the UB150 class, flying the Philippine colors.


Erika Ondillo –         Yamaha Grand Prix All-Female champion  

RR Espiritu –            Yamaha Grand Prix 150 UB Season champion  

Ephraim Onahon –   Yamaha Grand Prix Sight 115 Race champion

Winning TraditionYamaha has been bringing racing glory to the Philippines for the longest time. It has given opportunities to riders with raw talent, bringing them to compete, and providing excellent Yamaha motorcycles that truly complimented their ambitions.

The Future

Yamaha will continue to expand its dedication for motorcycle racing, joining different competitions in the international stage. It will also continue to help fledging riders to further improve their skills, using the right technology and equipment.

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Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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