Chevy’s underrated contender

2019 was the year of the pick up. Different brands of pickups, with a vast array of engine and accessory options were turned loose to the excited public, much to the chagrin of the sedan people. SUVs and crossovers are still popular, but pick-ups are a different breed entirely. It’s both for business and pleasure, and with a more reasonable price, who can argue?

Today we test the year-old Chevrolet Colorado High Country Storm 2.8L 4x4. As we’ve said, its more practical to test a vehicle with more mileage, just to see if it still performs like when it was new. After break in, its usually more agile and responsive, but the quirks and noises also appear. Is it the same case with the Chevy Colorado’s top variant? We’ll see.

The grille design is also incorporated in the Chevrolet Camaro!

This Chevrolet Colorado High Country Storm 2.8L 4×4 (whew!) is the boss of the Chevy’s truck line. It was designed to go head to head with other top variants of popular brands (Read: Ford) by introducing a proven model with lots of aesthetic accessories. Well, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” mantra is guiding Chevrolet thrust for the Colorado, deciding to stick with the proven powertrain.


Compared to the 2012 Colorado, the overall interior layout has very much improved. The similarity of the dash with its Japanese counterpart is gone, and is now more in style with the Tahoe-Suburban features. Most notable is the MyLink touchscreen audio (with Apple CarPlay) and the climate control, which surprisingly is very easy to use, and easily reached by the driver or front passenger.

The seats look meek, with no contrast stitching or differentiating color, just a bit dark hue of Tan for the rear seats and standard Black for the front, coupled with different texture designs. But what it lacks in looks is more than made up by the generous back and leg support. Only the driver seat is power assisted though. The rear seat, also in black, boasts of generous legroom, with a dedicated charger port for the rear passengers.

The shifter console looks classy in shiny black. It also houses the 4WD selector dial. But it sorely lacks the much needed cup holders and gadget cubbyholes. The center armrest, however, is a nice touch.

Body Design

The Chevrolet Colorado still has the old body in use. However, it now brags the High Country Storm side graphics, ultra wide hood stripes (a classic Chevy design) 4×4 stickers and blacked out rims and trims. Also, the bed extender lends a sportier look. Honestly, it looks great. The only thing missing now is all terrain tires, raised air intake and winch, but that’s getting ahead of us.

The bed has a plastic liner that’s easy to clean and maintain, and loading heavy items is a cinch. It could use more anchor points though.


The Chevrolet Colorado High Country Storm 2.8L 4×4 still has the VM Motori-sourced Duramax 2.8-liter CRDI 16 valves, DOHC with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) intercooled diesel engine, one of the biggest in the market. Its rated at an impressive 200 PS and 440 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. Exclusive to it is the 6-speed automatic transmission with separate power transfer case housing.

The mighty Duramax 2.8 Turbocharged engine

The Colorado, in stock form, has too much power–and that’s a good thing. The torque is impressive to say the least. At a recent event where there was no more parking, the author managed to park in a steep inclined space by shifting to 4WD Low. The Colorado crawled up the steep path, without touching the accelerator! It was moving in engine idle speed.

On a trip along NLEX, the engine was very responsive, especially in overtaking other vehicles. Burst to 100kph was done in no time, and higher speeds were deemed very possible. But the high clearance made the Colorado flinch at higher speeds.

Chevrolet Exclusive Advantages

1. The windows open slightly when you open the door (this is to seat the window properly into the seal when the door is closed, and allow the door to open without stressing the seal or the window)

2. All four windows have automatic open/close feature

3. The headlights and tailights stay on even after shutting engine and locking the car to illuminate the walk path or the garage at night

4. Clear back up camera with sensors

5. Excellent entertainment system with connectivity, with 7 speakers

6. Electric power steering. No power-robbing steering pump.\


1. Dual Airbags only

2. The Sports bar extension can hinder tall loads

3. Minimal cargo anchor points

The Chevrolet Colorado High Country Storm 2.8L 4×4 is off road ready, right off the box. Like we said earlier, just install the mandatory all terrain tires, winch and raised intake, you’re ready to roll. You do not even have to modify the suspension. Road or no road, the Colorado High Country Storm is always ready. And that what it’s all about.

Price as Tested: PHP 1,638,888

Model: Chevrolet Colorado High Country Storm

Engine: Duramax 2.8-liter DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 VG Turbodiesel

Max Power: 200 PS @ 3800 rpm

Max Torque: 500 Nm @ 2000 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed AT with manual mode

Chevrolet Philippines

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Text/Images: Earl Manalansan


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