Mr. Pure Energy himself is a Lamando owner!

Volkswagen Philippines, under Ayala’s automotive helm, has partnered with renowned singer and dancer Gary Valenciano for the launch of the company’s campaign “We Move You,” signing up as the brand ambassador.

Volkswagen recently held a reveal show at the Trinoma Activity Center, featuring the Volkswagen Lamando, with other Volkswagen models such as the Lavida and the Santana.

In an “energetic” performance , Gary V. entertained invited guests, as well as mall goers, showing that he shares the same energy with the Volkswagen Lamando to move everyone.

Gary V, also known as Mr. Pure Energy, gave a dazzling performance to the media, officials and mall-goers alike, energising them with classic hit songs and fluid dance movements. An entertainment veteran for 34 years, Gary V made his mark in the Philippine entertainment greats with his songs and performances that are sure to move people from all walks of life. Volkswagen has represented 83 years of a long-standing heritage of making vehicles that are true to its brand name meaning “The Peoples’ Car”, and has been showcased in its latest offering of vehicles. Both have the same timeless value that has remained in the hearts and minds of the people, and have exuded an air of elegance that puts people in awe in a glance.

Volkswagen Philippines President Felipe Estrella said that Gary V embodied the personification of Volkswagen’s slogan “We Move You.”

Gary V, with Volkswagen Philippines President Felipe Estrella lll.

“Much like how Gary V makes us feel when he performs, we believe that Volkswagen vehicles have the power to excite and energize. In a Volkswagen, you will want to move, drive, and go places. With Volkswagen, We Move You,” Estrella said.

Gary V. incidentally, owns a Volkswagen Lamando, and started a long standing partnership between the titans of their respective industries.

Volkswagen Philippines has also offered discounts to people who bought vehicles during the 2-day event, such as Php90,000 less on the Santana AT S variant, Php66,000 off the Santana MT, and Php85,000 discounts on the Lavida. Seda Hotel vouchers were given to people who have reserved and bought Volkswagen models during the event.

“The Santana, Lavida, and Lamando were all designed and built utilizing the 83 years of accumulated automobile knowledge of Volkswagen. This automotive know-how has been combined with more than 30 years of experience in building millions of cars per year in Asia’s largest automotive market. These cars are made in automotive plants that have done the process of building cars millions of times per year for more than 30 years. It is a tried, tested, and proven manufacturing process that has given birth to the Santana, Lavida, and Lamando cars that you see here. These VWs truly and absolutely embody the “Heart and Soul” that Volkswagen is known for and the Philippines is fortunate to be the only other market in Asia with access to these vehicles,” Estrella added.

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Text/Images by Luis Gerona


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