Ride with MG to Baler, Aurora

A dozen Filipino motoring journalists were invited by MG Philippines to a 270 km trip to the beautiful and tranquil town of Baler in Aurora to showcase, the new MG vehicles namely the popular ZS Crossover SUV; flashy MG 6 Fastback Sedan; the luxurious RX5 SUV, and MG Philippines’ subcompact: the MG 5 sedan.  

Before Take-off.

Starting off with a short breakfast and orientation at the MG Eton dealership, the media members were assigned random MG models for the trip with driver change at every stopover. The first stage was going to NLEX via EDSA, stopover at a gas station for driver change, then straight to TPLEX and exiting to Pangasinan. Upon exit, each team exchanged vehicles to give everyone a chance to drive each variant.

Filling up and exchanging driver duties.

The caravan now headed up north, traversing a combination of narrow uphill lanes and winding and zigzag roads, displaying the engine power and active suspension while displaying good fuel efficiency. It was an exhilarating experience for most of the drivers; sporty driving in otherwise passenger vehicles. Quite a revelation, indeed.

Upon arriving in Baler, the media team landed at L’Sirene Boutique Resort—a quiet and exclusive getaway bordering the very popular  Sabang Beach, ultimate place for unwinding, very near to the famous surfing waves of Baler. The view alone was breathtaking, worth the long trip.

The Magnificent Four. The RX5, MG6, ZS, and MG5

After a relaxing afternoon on the beach, a night of lively socials, and an invigorating beach sunrise, the teams decided an impromptu photoshoot near the beachfront about 10km away. Posing at the side of the road, with the sea as a backdrop, it gave the team the perfect photo opportunity, accenting the beautiful flowing lines of each MG vehicle against the gray waters, providing the perfect contrast of colors for the perfect shot.

One happy bunch.

After a hearty lunch, the group was energized again and took the longer but more adventurous way – the 25km zigzag highway. Travelling at speeds above average, the power of the vehicles did not disappoint — with special mention of the MG5 sedan. At only 1.5 liter, normally aspirated engine, performance was very remarkable! Instantaneous engine response and accurate steering and suspension; we were trailing the more powerful RX5 SUV all the way. Impressive is an understatement.

Arriving in Manila after dusk, everybody was still in high spirits; a testimony to the comfort and reliability of the MG line.

The whole trip was designed to demonstrate the versatility of all the MG variants: ZS Crossover, the MG 6 Fastback Sedan, the luxury RX5 SUV and the MG 5 subcompact sedan. No matter the size and model, MG vehicles are very reliable whether in traffic, highway or winding roads. No matter how long you drive, you get to your destination relaxed. Driving need not be a chore.


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