It’s different. And that’s good.

With the resounding success of the ZS and RX5, MG has placed itself in the high SUV desirability level. Because of this, it’s easy to overlook its other offerings, mainly the MG6 hatch and the subcompact MG5. While these sedans are catching up, let’s take a closer look at the MG6 Trophy.

Launched early 2019, the MG6 made a strong impression to the motoring public. With a profile that resembled some European luxury sedans, the MG 6 reaffirmed it British heritage. Could it live up to its name?

Intrigued by the mysterious sedan, we immediately filed a request for demo schedule. After three days, our wish was granted!


When it first arrived, the black MG6 Trophy was a sight to behold. The silhouette is quite different from its competition; soft curves, rather than straight lines compose the exterior, revealing the classic long hood, short deck profile. Chrome trims were kept to minimum for that classy accent. The roof slopes down to the rear glass, then turns up at the edge; which is usually mistaken for the boot. Upon closer inspection, it’s actually the 5th door or hatch!

The Interior

Inside the cabin, the upholstery greets you with a different atmosphere with its Black and Red combination, and frankly, the red leatherette, males the interior come alive. The Black panels are accentuated by red stitching, resembling hand-made pieces. From the lower dash, to the doors and the seats, red makes it all come alive.

The flat-bottomed steering wheel houses the remote buttons, with the cruise control lever just below the signal lever. The dash’s layout is simple but logical, with the entertainment system at the middle and the climate control just below. The display cascades from the touch screen display to the shifter, making it drive-centric.

The front seats are power adjust, and offers more back and leg support. The rear seats are more angled for more leg space, as well as more relaxed sitting posture.

The highlight of the MG 6 is the hatch.  The whole rear opens to a cavernous cargo hold. You can fit a couple of golf bags, or suitcases, and removing the cargo cover  can make loading a balikbayan box much easier.


The engine is a 1.5L (20T) Gasoline Turbo Inline-4. Don’t let the small engine size fool you; it’s rated at 164 hp, with 250 Nm of torque. Transferring this power to the 225/45/18 front wheels is a smooth 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic transmission. You can let it shift flawlessly by itself, or if you prefer more spirit, you can shift manually with a flick of the shifter.

The Drive

First off, driving the MG 6 is a very pleasant experience. The driver’s seat can be power-adjusted to any position of preference. The dual AC is very cold, and the sound quality of the entertainment system is crisp and superb. On the road, no road noise is heard inside the cabin, except for tire plop when going through potholes, which is expected from the wide tires. Stop and Go traffic is easier to bear, seamless shifting without high engine rpm.

The MG 6 can hold its own on the freeway. 100kph is no sweat, with a consumption of 18km/L. Power is present went downshifting; the turbo power is felt at 3,000 rpm – you feel the power surge when it overtakes.

On twisty roads, manual shifting is recommended, picking your own shift points to optimizing power. You just have to shift about 500rpm earlier to circumvent the slower change of gears.

Stopping the behemoth is easy, thanks to larger 4 wheel ventilated disc brakes and large diameter rolling stock. Feels like a sports car, brakes like a sports car!

The MG 6 is luxury redefined. You can actually have a fine saloon without costing an arm and leg. The amenities and comfort are there and even comparable to more expensive models. MG scored again with the MG6 Trophy.

Price as tested:

MG 6 Trophy AT        PHP1,188,888

MG 6 Alpha AT          PHP1,068,888

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Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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