Morel drums exquisite sound like you never heard before!

Bringing in a new kind of technology on innovative sound quality, Morel is set to stamp its authority in the local market as one of the World’s reputable audio brands.

In an event held recently at the Sequoia Hotel in Quezon City, Morel officials Mr. Samuel Tan, Chief Technical Officer, Nir Paz, Director of Sales and Marketing; and Rod Chiong of MK2 Trading, the exclusive distributor of Morel Audio in the country, welcomed dealers and select members of the Motoring media in a re-launch event of the brand.

Samuel Tan, Chief Technical Officer, Nir Paz, Director of Sales and Marketing; and Rod Chiong of MK2 Trading, pose with the Morel speakers and sound systems.

“Morel has become a very popular brand in the global market, as we are being sold in 55 countries through our network of exclusive distributors and re-sellers. We have 350,000 Morel users around the globe and with the help of Rod Chiong, these numbers will keep on growing,” stated Nir Paz, Director of Sales and Marketing

The event allowed local dealers and the media a peek into Morel’s line of automotive speakers, amplifiers, raw drivers and custom integration speaker systems. Among the myriad of audio products on display, what stood out was the Virtus Nano 602 two-way component system. With only a depth of 17mm, the thin woofers will make it easy to mount in shallow locations or in kick-in panel systems. The Nano 602’s weight will also equate to zero vibration in door fittings. “Morel has given special care to the tweeter, so it fits perfectly with the woofer and offers precise highs. A tweeter that plays this low also has another advantage, when using the original slots; it keeps a good sound image, even if woofer and tweeter are very far away,” explains Tan. “The sound is rich, well timbered, dynamic and especially warm,” added Chiong.

Virtus Nano 602, the ultra thin woofer.

Another crowd pleaser which will surely hit the domestic market bigtime is Morel’s Supremo two-way car audio system. Aside from employing technical innovations from the brand’s flagship home audio speaker, the Fat Lady, the Supremo represents the tour-de-force of Morel’s expertise and craftsmanship. This model elevates the car audio musical presentation and experience to a whole new different level. The prohibitive price alone of PHP250,000 speaks volumes of its technological edge.

The Supremo Speaker System

Morel PH’s line -up of audio systems include the CCWR254, MPS amplifiers, Virtus Nano Integra Carbon, 38 Limited Edition two/three-way, Elate Titanium, Hybrid two-way, Hybrid Integra, Tempo Ultra two-way and Coax, Maximo Ultra and Coax, Maximus 602 V2 two-way and the Ultimo line of speakers and sub woofers.

Yes, you guessed it right! Because of the superb quality that is virtually unmatched, Morel was tapped as an OEM supplier of audio systems for Pagani, Carbon cars and Geely cars. Morel Audio is available in premium dealers nationwide.


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