Probably one of the best brands to come out of China

Last year was just a prelude to what’s brewing for Geely this 2020 onwards. With the astounding introduction of Coolray into the Philippine automotive market last September 2019, Geely has undoubtedly set its bar high on both technology and style.

This 2020, Geely is starting to build its nationwide dealership network according to plan, making it more convenient for Filipinos nationwide to be able to experience its products and services. 30 new dealerships are set to rise this year until next year. 15 outlets are expected to be operational this 2020, while the remaining 15 are eyed to be up and running in 2021. Geely Dealerships 2020

Geely’s flagship technology

BMA Platform

In 2018, B-Segment Modular Architecture (BMA) was developed for small compact cars like the Coolray. This was patterned after Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). The new BMA platform maintains the high flexibility and scalability of power, electrical, chassis, and body modules which can be freely combined to create variety of vehicles. 

6Core Technology

A typical 3-cylinder engine is known to produce excessive vibration. But for Geely, not all. Geely has incorporated a 6-core technology in its 3-cylinder vehicles — low inertia turbo charger, 200bar high pressure direct injection system, DVVT (Dual Variable Valve Timing), dual mass flywheel, single balance shaft, long life/low noise serpentine timing belt. This combination of technologies produces the smoothest and vibration-free 3-cylinder engines.

Mild Hybrid Technology

Geely is definitely taking the quality of China brand cars up a notch by offering more in all of its future models in the months and years to come. One of the exciting things that everyone has to watch out for is the arrival of Geely’s mild hybrid electric models.

As of 2018, Geely Auto ranks 13th among global automotive brands. To date, it remains to be the best-selling Chinese brand in the world. Geely eyes to maintain its momentum by becoming a significant player in the Philippine automotive industry in the future.

As a newcomer in the Philippine auto market, Geely has yet to prove its worth as it rolls out new models that meet global standards. And as far as expansion is concerned, Geely is looking forward to reaching out to more Filipinos, one dealership at a time.


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