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A majority of Filipino drivers learned how to drive from someone other than a trained professional instructor. Fathers, brothers or friends have been the unofficial teachers, especially outside the metropolis, where you can practice driving in open fields without the fear of hitting something or someone. While this is a long time practice, it has been shown time and again, that the skill learned is not entirely right.

This is where Ford Philippines steps in. With one of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs involves road safety advocacy, they have been promoting the annual Driving Skills for Life Program. Now on its 12th year, the program aims to evaluate and reorient drivers to wean away from their bad practices, and perform proper operation of the vehicle.

Working with the Tuazon Racing School, it starts with a discussion on basic maintenance, identification of fluids and lubrication, and proper road courtesy/rules. JP Tuazon, head of TRS, stated that most drivers have ingrained wrong practices and beliefs in their driving, mainly because the ones who taught them how to drive were also educated with incorrect techniques. Also, licensing agencies like the LTO also have lax tests that even a semi-trained applicant can get a non-pro or even a professional license.

Ford Driving Skills for Life Program aims to educate student and private drivers, public utility drivers for jeepney, bus and school bus, and also drivers from fleet logistics companies, traffic regulators and call center employees in key areas in Metro Manila, as well as Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. DSFL participants are provided with correct tips on vehicle maintenance, road safety measures, and fuel-efficient driving skills. This extensive program is held continuously, to teach as many drivers as possible.

Ford also provided new units of the EcoSport as training vehicles. The size and performance of the small SUV is perfect for parking and braking training, as well as maneuvering between designated obstacles. Accredited instructors ride shotgun to review the driver’s reaction and control of the vehicle. All units are equipped with both manual and automatic transmissions, depending on the subject’s preference.

The Ford Driving Skills for Life Program is one of many CSR activities of Ford Philippines, proving that it’s not all about cars; it’s all about people.

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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