The Vios Cup Racing Festival has showcased the brute characteristics of the Vios sedan, zooming through the straights at an excess of 180kph, and slicing through the curves of Clark International Speedway. The race series also extolled the safety features of the Vios Race Car; withstanding serious collisions, with drivers unhurt and walking away right after from what seems to be a dangerous accident. It’s hard to believe that the Vios race car units are actually the same production vehicles that are available to the public, albeit equipped with special competition parts.

The Toyota OMR units sans the livery. Spotted at the last Vios Cup.

It’s a Vios Racecar

Now you can have an actual competition unit in the form of a special Vios One Make Race (OMR) that is for sale to the public. Starting this September, month, enthusiasts can now purchase their very own Vios race car for only PHP 1,400,000. The brand-new Vios OMR units, which have the same specifications as the cars used at the Vios Racing Festival are available from all 70 Toyota dealerships nationwide.

Note the lower stance, hood lock pins and tow hook. All it needs now are the Rota rims and Bridgestone tires, and off to racing!

Wanna Race?

Purchasing a Vios OMR unit automatically enlists its owner to race at the circuit format of the VRF starting this November, under the Promotional Class. For buyers who will purchase after the 2019 season ends, they are required to race for the 2020 season.

 “By making the Vios OMR available to the public, Toyota is helping to promote the grassroots motorsports scene by making it a more inclusive sport for all racing fans,” said TMP First Vice President Ms. Cristina Arevalo.

“This new generation of the Vios racecar is a good entry point to the world of motorsports because of its signature Quality, Durability, and Reliability. Instead of simply being spectators, future owners are encouraged to enroll at the Toyota Racing School and participate in the upcoming legs of our Vios Racing Festival series.” Ms. Arevalo added.

The Vios OMR shares the same body and chassis as the regular Vios G variant, equipped with the 1.5L engine that’s mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Power is rated at 106 hp at 6,000 rpm and 140 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm.

The Vios OMR units are also certified for serious competition as the race cars, and all are equipped with standard safety features for track racing. Below are its racing modifications:

Note the non-airbag equipped competition steering wheel, roll cage protruding from the dash and aluminum covered flooring

For the latest Toyota news and information, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official Facebook page at To know more about the Vios OMR, go to any of the 70 Toyota dealerships nationwide. Available while supplies last.

The Vios Racing Festival is held in cooperation with Bridgestone; alongside official fuel partner Petron; supported by Motul, Rota, and Toyota Racing Development; as well as other sponsors Brembo, Denso, AVT, 3M, OMP, and Tuason Racing.


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