The Ocean Trilogy limited edition set, in a dedicated watch case made out of recycled plastic.

Swiss watchmaker Oris has launched the Ocean Limited Trilogy –  three limited meticulously crafted timepieces made to promote awareness about the world’s oceans and their conservation. The Philippine launch was held at Greenbelt 5 in Makati last July 19.

We’ve been very intentional about our mission to bring change for the better,” Oris co-chief executive Rolf Studer said in a statement. “The environmental challenges the world faces are real, and we believe that both individuals and corporate entities have a responsibility to overcome them. The Blue Whale Limited Edition is a very special watch, produced in unusually small quantities for Oris, and the perfect symbol of the dangers facing the blue whale. We’re extremely proud to be working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation and look forward to seeing the change our partnership will bring.”

The Ocean Limited Trilogy – composed of Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III, Clean Ocean Limited Edition, and the Blue Whale Limited Edition – shows the brand’s advocacy to clean the world’s oceans and protect marine life. The Blue Whale Limited Edition joins the trio of special edition watches as the latest in the group, the other two were introduced in Baselworld earlier this year. They are housed in a case made of plastic found in ocean waste.

Oris Blue Whale Limited Edition

“The Oris Ocean Trilogy is made up of three limited edition watches, each created to shine a light on a pioneering organisation and the vital work it’s doing to either clean, protect or restore the world’s oceans and the source of all life – water,”

The Holstein-based watch company has partnered with non-government organisation Whale and Dolphin Conservation to create the Blue Whale Limited Edition, in its efforts to preserve the ocean marine life. While it may be based from the Aquis diver’s watch, a dedicated blue whale design is embossed at the case back showing their partnership and the watch’s exclusivity.

The case back of the Blue Whale Limited Edition has a dedicated blue whale embossed on it.

The Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III continues the lineage that started with its first iteration, aiming to regrow the coral homes in the Great Barrier Reef near Fitzroy Island in Australia. The Clean Ocean Limited Edition shows the watchmaker’s partnership with Pacific Garbage Screening in an effort to clean and recapture plastic before they reach the ocean. The whole set will be limited to 200 pieces only.

Oris Clean Ocean limited Edition

Oris has also revealed the Aquis Date Relief diver watch alongside the Ocean Trilogy special edition watches.

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