DJ KC Montero (far left) with race car driver Natasha Chang (second from right) actor Dingdong Dantes (far right) with Caltex officials.

Chevron Philippines has unveiled its latest campaign in partnership with Guinness World Records by going after the world record for the fastest ascent in Doi Chang, Thailand.

“Caltex partnered with Guinness World Records and set a timing of 6 minutes 52.692 seconds with Natasha achieving the coveted title the fastest ascent of Doi Chang Mountain Road by using a 28-year old car. With the world record powered by Caltex with Techron®, our campaign encourages drivers to fuel up the same fuel that set a world record and experience its power in their everyday drive,” Caltex Brand Manager Brian Fisher said.

The fuel company has also partnered with National Geographic in a two-part show featuring radio DJ KC Montero and Jamaican-Chinese race car driver Natasha Chang pitting against each other for the record breaking ascent in the show Record Rides, using an old production car fueled with Caltex with Techron.

Racecar driver Natasha Chang

“As a leading visual storyteller, National Geographic’s programming pillars of exploration, education and science resonate well with the Caltex brand. Hence, we are proud to partner with the channel to create Record Rides for our viewers and motorists in Asia.” “This show will demonstrate how Caltex with Techron® fuels can power an engine towards achieving an extraordinary journey,” Fisher added.

Chevron has also added celebrity actor Dingdong Dantes in the list of brand ambassadors.

“All the things I’ve achieved in my life so far, I made them happen with hard work and passion. There may be a lot of challenges I have to face on the road to make my dreams happen but I keep going because I want to be the best version of myself. That’s why I’m happy to be chosen as Caltex’s newest brand ambassador. We share the same belief,” Dantes said.

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