Only at the Ford Island Conquest Year 3, from Aug 10 -11, at the Megatent Events Venue, Pasig

Mere minutes after Ford Philippines launched the updated Everest, guests were offered a chance to test drive the flashy SUV through a series of obstacles and extreme road conditions.

To the added excitement of the drivers, heavy rains aggravated the course — which added difficulty, but welcomed by the Everest. In fact, the extremely wet conditions tested the Traction Control, ABS, Uphill prowess, Downhill- assist. Everest’s 4WD Terrain Management System, maximum traction and stability enables drivers to stay in control whether driving on sand, mud, grass, or rock, ensuring full capability both on and off-road, – -and most importantly, the Park Assist. The Everest passed with flying colors!

The course consisted of a steep steel ramp, a simulated enclosed flooded path, a sharp turn (under full throttle) to test traction control, and abrupt stop to test the ABS brakes. ((Shorter stopping distance!), and the Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection. The exciting part was the Active Park Assist feature, in which the Everest parallel parked itself, self-steering into the alloted space, with the driver controlling only the brakes. “Hands Free” indeed!

You could also test the other features, such as the Hands-free Power Liftgate (hatch opening by making a kicking motion just under the rear bumper), Keyless Entry, Push button start/stop. With the Panoramic Moonroof, natural light will be able to illuminate the vehicle cabin during the day or night with the roof space fully adjustable at the touch of a button.

Enough reading! Test the new Everest now!!

Visit the Ford Island Conquest Year 3, at the Megatent Events Venue, now until Aug 11. Happening the whole day, Rain or Shine!

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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