This is the second opportunity that StreettalkPh managed to drive the new Suzuki Ertiga. Suzuki Cars Philippines has been more than generous in lending out the Suzuki automobiles.. This shows the confidence they have on all their vehicles.

The first time was a drive to Tagaytay months ago. The units were virtually brand new, with our vehicle having only 40kms on the odometer. The performance was below par, which was understandable as all the units were not yet broken in. (Break-in period was 1,000km). Brakes were a little soft, and engine revs were slow.

This time, the unit had over 6,000 km, with proper break-in. This is a more accurate review, with all parts and tolerances settled in, brake pads are all evenly pressed.

The second drive was to Subic. This is a perfect route (Via NLEX and SCTEX). Top speed and acceleration was more evident, overtaking was a cinch. 100kph was easily attained, which is a surprise considering the 1.5litre engine with 4 passengers.

The engine is more powerful now, thanks to the looser tolerances. The 103hp is now more pronounced, and accelerates more quickly. Uphill trips is now easier, thanks to the torque rating of 138 Nm @ 4,400 rpm. It’s not the slowpoke we initially thought.

Other than performance, the Suzuki Ertiga is still the same comfortable MPV. The interior is the standard (and favorite) beige hue, a departure from the standard black or gray. AC is still cold, and the ride comfort is still top-notch.

The fuel consumption also improved; from the initial 14km/L, it rose to a high of 17km/L at 90kph. Cruising at 90-95kph will yield the best fuel consumption. Not bad for an MPV.

Overall, the Suzuki Ertiga is quite a bargain. Although we feel the 4-speed automatic tranny needs a lot more to be desired. Maybe a 5-speed in the future models? We hope so. Otherwise, the Ertiga is a good buy.


Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.5 MT                               ₱ 728,000     

Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.5 MT       Black Edition  ₱ 738,000     

Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 AT                                ₱ 888,000     

Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 MT                               ₱ 848,000     

Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT                              ₱ 978,000     

Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT Black Edition      ₱ 988,000

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Text/images by Earl Manalansan


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