The fully equipped 4WD rig with Black Rhino Wheels!

I want a set please!

Camping has always been an activity associated with father and son bonding, especially during that stage in life when the son becomes a Boy Scout. These days, the outdoor lifestyle getting more and more doable in the Philippines with the surge in popularity of 4×4 vehicles, pick ups and easier access to campsites.

Of course, when you go camping, you would need your camping essentials such as a tent and sleeping bag.  In addition, your vehicle must be also equipped for the job if you plan to go to a remote location with unpaved roads.  This is where the modification of 4×4 vehicles and pick up trucks come in.  Black Rhino Wheels has been one of the most visible brands in the Philippines when it comes to upgrading wheels for your SUV or pick up truck.  They also promote the lifestyle of offroading as a good way to wind down and also bond with family or friends.

Close up of the Black Rhino Wheel. Marvel at the details.

Black Rhino Wheels have different sizes and designs to cater the different preferences and styles that customers would like.  More importantly, they have a functional use as well, especially when it’s time to go offroading.  The wheels are tested for quality and durability to go through rugged conditions.  It’s just like choosing a good pair of shoes when you go hiking.

So the next time your son asks you for an adventure, get ready to bring him offroading with a set of Black Rhino Wheels.  Black Rhino Wheels is distributed by Concept One Wheels located in 318 Santolan Road, San Juan or visit   You can also follow them on social media.

Are you ready for your next adventure?!


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