The Suzuki Dzire is Suzuki’s answer to the ultra popular mini-subcompact segment. It’s the recommended model for first time buyers and TNVS vehicles. While its sibling, the Swift, offers more power, its hatchback configuration precludes it from the qualified models. The Suzuki Dzire, however, has a sedan configuration, therefore has te prerequisite trunk or baggage compartment.

Unlike its predecessor, the Dzire is more attractive, thanks to reconfigured design profile. While the old model has a chopped looked for the trunk, the new Dzire has a more streamlined shape – more sedan like if you will. The grille is bigger with rounded edges, bigger headlights at each end. Driving lights at the valance panel is an added feature.

The interior is reconfigured to have bigger interior space. 5 adults can fit comfortably in the fabric seats. The dash boasts a 7in infotainment system with navigation, one of the biggest in the market, and aside from an additional charger port, there is a much-appreciated AC vents for the rear passengers

Powertrain is the 1.2-liter Direct Action Intake VVT K12M rated at 82 hp with 113 Nm of torque. It mated with either a five-speed transmission (GL variant) or a five-speed Auto Gear Shift (AGS), also known as the automatic-manual transmission.

The AGS transmission takes a lot of getting used to.

Unlike a fully automatic tranny, the AGS is used like a manual, sans the clutch. On auto mode, the rpm drops when you reach 1900rpms, (a sign that its upshifting) which is discomforting at the beginning. A remedy is lift of the accelerator once you reach the shift point. 

The manual mode is similar; step on the accelerator longer, and lift off when you want to shift. While this is economical, fuel-wise, it’s no getaway car. Tires are meatier for the Dzire, at 185/65/15s fitted into alloy rims.

A 10,000km demo unit

For StreettalkPh, we prefer test units that have at least 5,000km on the odometer. The unit we tested has over 10,000km on the odometer, which means it’s now in its full potential; no break-in period or tight engine clearances. The suspension is still firm (although you hear the clunking inside, a trait among small cars), and the engine is now more powerful.

Fuel economy is up, now averaging 10km/L for city driving. Highway driving is at an estinated 16-17km/L. It’s no slouch either, 100kph is cruising speed.

If you want a simple car for your daily commute, or want a reliable TNVS unit for business, consider the Suzuki Dzire GL. It’s the one your heart will desire.

Price as tested:

Suzuki Dzire GL Manual Gasoline Php 638,000

Suzuki Dzire GL+ Automatic Gasoline Php₱ 698,000

For more info, go to your nearest dealer of visit

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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