(From left) Arsenio Garcia of G Technica Equipment Corporation; UTRIP president Jaime Vicente; Elvin Garcia, Heavy Industries Division of DTI; and Baby Ruby P. Navarro of GLC Truck & Equipment

The rebuilt truck industry has been around more almost two decades, and its existence has been shrouded until now.

The first Rebuilt Truck Show, organized by the Used Trucks Rebuilders and Importers Association of the Philippines (UTRIP), showcased the country’s truck rebuilding industry that has been around since 2003.

“These trucks showcase the Filipinos’ ingenuity and creativity to transform a truck from its state of uselessness into something that is as durable as the trucks that just came out of the production line, for half the cost,” UTRIP president Jaime Vicente said in his welcoming remarks.

UTRIP President Jaime Vicente

“Much like parents presenting their debutante daughter to the society, we seek to finally put in public consciousness. Our products could be a tool for nation building in general and most especially one we Filipinos could proudly proclaim as our own,” he added.

Various old trucks, most of them from Isuzu or Fuso, are displayed during the 2-day event, most of them rebuilt to Euro-4 compliant specifications. 

Used trucks rebuilding industry is an offspring conceptualize by the government itself in 2003, nourished and reared within the parameters set forth by a program it conceived and propagated.  We have since not sought nor given incentives other than what was originally offered to as,” Vicente added.

The truck rebuilding business owes its existence to Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Department Order No. 08-03, issued in 2003. In a recent briefing, those businesses have only until June 30 this year to operate, given new imposition by the government that are in virtually impossible to be compliant with.

In July 2018, the DTI-FTEB required the submission of Emission Test Results of rebuilt/imported used trucks from the countries of their origin, attesting that those trucks are Euro 4 compliant before they are imported in the country, which conducting it is almost impossible. As an alternative, those trucks are needed to undergo emissions testing by an LTO compliant testing center, however this requires the builder to be from a Freeport Zone, as it is considered a foreign territory.

As the truck importers and rebuilders are based outside those areas, they will face difficulty on having those truck units accredited and viable for local use.

To spread awareness about the rebuilding business, UTRIP hosted its first rebuilt truck show in order to propogate awareness and allow people to have a cheaper alternative to the newer trucks.

“It is UTRIP’s hope that the Government will consider bestowing upon rebuilt trucks their own classification which is distinct from either a brand new or used units, and that it would give this due consideration in every policy decision made in the future. We also request that, until such time that a judicious resolution of this matter is reached, the DTI-FTEB resume the issuance of CAIs applied for by duly accredited rebuilders, regardless of whether their rebuilding sites are inside or outside of Freeport Zones,” the group said in a statement.

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