When Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) launched the new Honda Brio, it pleasantly surprised the automotive media – and for good reason; The Mini-subcompact is a bit bigger, and more pleasing to the eye. Definitely better proportioned than its predecessor, it boasts a myriad of new features, at a reasonable cost.

The Brio Base model
The Brio RS

The engine is still the feisty 1.2-Liter i-VTEC engine. that available with either an Earth Dreams CVT or a five-speed manual transmission. The advertised 89 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque seems ho-hum, but when you consider the size and weight combination of the new Brio, it is quite formidable.

Also new is the top-of -the-line RS variant. Complete with aero body accessories and luxury interior features, “head turner” doesn’t do it justice. Right of the box, it looks like its ready to race.

The interior is bigger now, with a roomier back seat legroom. The cargo hold is a little wider. A vast improvement over the minuscule old Brio model.

The Entertainment System is primarily a 7-inch Capacitive Touchscreen Audio with Audio Streaming, Bluetooth, and USB (with 6 speakers.)

The base model comes only with 1-DIN Audio with Bluetooth, Audio Streaming, and USB via 4 speakers. Still a lot compared to its competitors.

With prices starting at Php585,000 for the base and Php727,000 for the RS model, its quite a bargain. And being a Honda, the deal just got sweeter.

For more information, go to your nearest Honda ars dealer or check the website: www.hondaphil.com

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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