With so many steak houses offering a myriad of meats, you’d be hard pressed to look for your own preferred choice of that prime cut. Sometimes, you want that specific doneness, but since somebody else is cooking, you  are never really that satisfied. Well, Stoned Steaks understands how you feel, and they have the best solution. Why not cook in front of you? Better yet, why not cook it yourself?

How? Read on.

At Stoned Steaks, like the name implies, your steak is cooked in front of you using Lava Stones. The stone is heated to about 350ºC, brought to your table, where you cook your choice of steak on it. It takes about 2 minutes to cook one side, turning the steak when you want. This traps the natural flavor of your steak for a more delectable and unique way to enjoy your meal.

Tender slice

After cooking transfer the steak to your plate, wait another 7 minutes before cutting, let the juices simmer inside. After which, devour with gusto!

The stones remain heated for an extended amount of time, which you can use to reheat the steak if you so desire. Garlic oil is spread on the stone, to give that extra zing, and also to prevent scalding of the meat.

Dry Smoked Steak
A closer look

You can customize your meal with different sauces available, or, like us, just sprinkle some salt and pepper for that smoky meat flavor.

The Wagyu was very tender, very easy to cut. You can taste the smokiness and spices all in one cut, making a frenzy in the palate. The sweet juice trickling down the plate. It’s very filling, especially when accompanied by succulent side dishes.

A warning though, don’t let the size of the steak fool you; It’s very filling, one steak is enough for two, especially when you order the appetizers.

7 different sauces, or just plain salt and pepper.

Stoned Steaks also offers other dishes to complement your steak meal; Appetizers such as Truffle Fries (a must-try!), Oyster Rockefeller and soup of the day. For those who want other dishes, there’s Wagyu Spaghetti Meatballs, , Wagyu Cheese Burger, Stoner’s Fresh Catch, Grilled Salmon and many more. Oh, don’t forget their version of the Garlic Rice. Tasty!

Save room for dessert! Served on a frozen Lava Stone, of course.

If you want to get serious with your steaks, there’s a hidden wine room at the at the other side of the resto. There you can sip your preferred vintage of red win to go with your steak, or white wine for your salmon Either way, you can have your steak in peace, with pleasant conversation if you please.

If you want a different steak experience, Get Stoned with Stoned Steaks, and get a satisfying kind of “high”.

Stoned Steaks is located at 55 Scout Rallos Street, Tomas Morato, Baranggay Laging Handa, Quezon City

The staff is ready to serve you.
Their very own dryer. You can also purchase your choice steak cut to cook at home.

Call us now at 0917.7073837 and 02.8663807 for your reservations and inquiries. Visit www.facebook.com/stonedsteaks

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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