Among the locally available pickups, the Toyota Hilux ranks among the highest in the most desirable segment. Since its introduction in 1968, it has grown from a commercial delivery cab to an iconic truck, a lifestyle on its own. Its versatility and indestructibility is legendary. Even terrorists groups in the Middle East reportedly prefer Hiluxes in their campaign of terror; citing the seemingly unstoppable powertrain and suspension, even in the harshest terrain – this while carrying either big machine guns or missile launchers.

The 2019 Toyota Hilux Conquest is not that different from its roots. It’s still is the reliable and solid small truck, but is now more known as a lifestyle vehicle – the SUV counterpart. The Hilux also features luxury options that are also available in Toyota’s luxury sedans. Going off road in style has never been this popular.

The design conceals its off-road capabilities and Heavy-duty stature. Off the boat, it’s sporty, with a bevy of shiny hues and wheel combinations. Even the lowly delivery model looks aggressive. But, good news for enthusiasts: You can upgrade the already striking appearance to a more sporty and wild one. Presenting the TRD kit.

TRD accessories include:

  • TRD Grille
  • Skid Plate
  • Fog light Bezel
  • TRD Door Sill plates
  • Door handle guards
  • Roll Bars
  • TRD Fender flares
  • Tail light Bezel
  • TRD Mudguards
  • Tailgate Garnish
  • Bed Liner
  • Hood Hydraulic lifter

This particular Blue G Conquest unit has been making the rounds among the media groups since mid-2018, albeit in bare Conquest form. By the time StreettalkPh took temporary possession, it has been upgraded with a set of TRD accessories. Depending on your taste, the mild mannered Hilux now looks like a hungry wolf looking for more action.

This package reportedly will cost you around 180k. That’s beside the Php 1.782m for the basic G variant. The only letdown is the Fortuner rims and wheels; Its not even the meaty All Terrain tires. However, you could get the lower E Variant and procure the TRD package.


Powertrain is the mighty 2.8 L 1GD-FTV inline-4 common rail diesel with VNT (Shared with the Innova) but with a more powerful 132 kW (177 hp) at 3,400 rpm rating.

However, Torque rating differ with each transmission:

  • 6-speed manual: 420 Nm (310 lb/ft) at 1,400–2,600 rpm       
  • 6-speed automatic 450 Nm (330 lb/ft) at 1,600–2,400 rpm

The 2.8 litre may be smaller than the competitor’s 3.0 litre powerplant, but believe me, this Toyota has more than enough power at tap. The Eco and Power buttons are there for a reason; one of them is for relaxed driving, the other one unleashes the herd.

The interior is plush and elegant, similar to the Fortuner. One thing that surprised us was the Heads Up Display (HUD) at the lower left side of the windshield. You can read your vehicle’s speed without looking down at the gauges. This is very practical especially during high-speed runs, or navigating rough trails that need your full attention.

Like a jet fighter, you can now see how fast, or how slow you are going.

The only downside here is the price. The Hilux G AT 4×4 Conquest will cost you 1.7m, more expensive than its closest competitor. But that doesn’t deter Toyota fans a bit. They know they’re getting their moneys worth.

There are other Hilux Diesel models to choose from:

  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 Cab & Chassis 4×2 MT                 ₱ 819,000     
  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 J DSL 4×2 MT                                ₱ 929,000     
  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 E DSL 4×2 MT                               ₱ 1,020,000  
  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 E DSL 4×4 MT                               ₱ 1,176,000  
  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 G DSL 4×2 MT                               ₱ 1,194,000  
  • Toyota Hilux 2.4 G DSL 4×2 AT                                ₱ 1,269,000  
  • Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.4 G DSL 4×2 MT             ₱ 1,342,000  
  • Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.4 G DSL 4×2 AT             ₱ 1,417,000  
  • Toyota Hilux 2.8 G DSL 4×4 MT                               ₱ 1,496,000  
  • Toyota Hilux 2.8 G DSL 4×4  AT                               ₱ 1,626,000  
  • Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.8 4×4 MT                         ₱ 1,652,000

The Hilux bring over 50 years of development and reliability that made it some sort of legend in the automotive world. You can rest assure that every centavo will be worth it, not to mention the good resale value if and when you decide to sell. Just don’t sell to terrorists.

For more information, visit or your nearest TOYOTA dealer.

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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