Weeks after the Suzuki Philippines officialy launched of the all-new Suzuki Ertiga, the motoring media was treated to a 2-day test drive to Tagaytay. With a fleet of spanking-new Ertigas, we set out to the southern crown city via the not-so-easy route of Edsa-Slex-Eton-Aguinaldo Highway. Awful traffic, yes, but it was an excellent route to really get the feels on the Ertiga.

Tagaytay Highlands was the base for the remainder of the drive. We were able to go around the whole property, and it was not an easy terrain. Long and deep descending roads, winding and steep ascents and sharp curves were the daily fare. Even the road to the hotel garage was as steep as hell. Somehow, the Ertiga managed, and in fact, thrived.

The new Suzuki MPV now boasts a better looking overhauled fascia, featuring a sharper and leaner grille and light, giving a more aggressive look, the rear now features bigger swoosh-styled taillights, and a restyled tailgate. The most noticeable new feature is the half-floating D-Pillar; an extension of the rear window glass now covers part of the pillar to give a sleek invisible style.

The New Ertiga now has more power, courtesy of the new and bigger 1.5-liter petrol engine. Transmission options are still the same though, a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

Its makes enough power to transport 7-people with cargo, but struggles on steep inclines when under the same payload. Well, it’s still a 1500cc engine with 103hp and 138Nm of torque.

But with only two media men on board, the Ertiga zooms effortlessly. The much needed power boost is evident, but without sacrificing fuel economy. It seems the old 1.4 engines consumes more fuel, as you tend to press the accelerator more to achieve the same output as with the 1.5.

Interior wise, the Ertiga boasts beige-colored seats and dash; a welcome design cue to give the car a much needed contrast. It just makes the car more cheerful and luxurious. The extra space is also noticeable, especially with the added legroom for the third seat passengers.

The All-New Suzuki Ertiga is frankly, a better deal considering its. performance and price. It will surely give the competitors MPV segment something to worry about.


Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 MT Manual Gasoline Php 848,000
Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 AT Automatic GasolinePhp 888,000
Suzuki Ertiga GLX 1.5 AT Automatic GasolinePhp 978,000

Visit your nearest Suzuki dealer or visit www.suzuki.com.ph

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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