Since StreettalkPh cannot get hold of the famed Honda CR-V Diesel AWD, we had to settle for the CR-V 2.0 S with the Petrol engine. “Settle” is hardly the appropriate word, as this CR-V is better than we imagined, and yes, it’s the same VTEC technology that we have known and loved for years.

For your information, the CR-V is not an SUV, but more of a Crossover. Sure, it costs more than the lesser SUVs but after riding in one, you’ll understand why Honda Cars Philippines pegged the price higher.


The profile of the CR-V is similar to its immediate predecessor, the curvy roofline that angles sharply at the tailgate. But make no mistake, it’s a tad larger now, with thicker D-pillars for that solid look. The fascia has the same signature multilayered grille and slimmer LED headlights as the iconic Civic. The downturned valance panel adds just the right  amount of pizzaz.


The seats are larger VERY comfortable. I mean, you can stay in traffic for hours and never have leg or back pain. The dash is all digital, but readable. The center console has enough secret storage space that you can hide anything in there. Below the twin cupholders are the charging ports. The only annoying thing is the constant warning message on the entertainment unit everytime you start the engine.


The 18in. tire/rim combination is massive but looks right at home in the CR-V. You’d expect bumpy rides, but the suspension and wheels work comfortably together.

Other unique amenities include the much-desired MODULO trim, the almost 90º door opening, and the folding seat lever near the tailgate.


Powering this behemoth is the reliable  2.0 S VTEC engine. It’s mated to a Continuous Variable transmission (CVT) with manual 7-speed feature. The ECO mode means fuel efficiency is the priority; the famed Honda peppy engine response is gone, but economy is up. The CVT assures maximum torque and gear ratio ant any engine rpm.

The advantage of using a new vehicle with a few thousand kilometers on the odometer is basically, the car has come to its own. No more break in, the rings and valvetrain have loosened up and all the fluids have been replaced. This is the real performance test. What you get is what you see, so to speak. The engine is more responsive, revs quicker and you’re not afraid to floor it. The suspension have settled to their normal play, and more importantly, the leather seats are now more comfortable.

The CR-V may be more expensive than most SUVs, but you get what you pay for. It’s a bigger Crossover, has a smartly designed interior, has great ergonomics, and most importantly, it has the Honda badge of quality. 

It’s worth every centavo.

Price as Tested: Php 1,658,000.00


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Text/Images by Earl Manalansan



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