MyCasa.Ph has their own fully equipped van, with uniformed personnel

We all have been in that situation; car trouble at the most inopportune time. This is most troublesome especially when you need to bring your beloved vehicle, either to your neighbourhood “talyer” or the dealership’s CASA. When we don’t have the time to bring the car for repairs, we lose opportunities, not to mention basic transport.

Now, the answer to your problems is here! MyCasa.Ph Home Service Car Care will bring auto service to you.To paraphrase an old saying. “If Mang Kanor cannot go the the talyer, the talyer will go to Mang Kanor”!

StreettalkPh‘s own 2005 Innova needed service and we availed MyCasa.Ph service. Our trusty ride is in need of an oil change, tune up and brake pad replacement but we simply didn’t have the time. This service alone will take at least half a a day. Calling MyCasaPh is the logical choice.

We called the MyCasa hotline and we booked a service appointment, (scheduled on the vehicle’s number coding day) the dynamic duo from My Casa.Ph arrived promptly at 7am, on the designated date.

The tools and parts were laid out neatly. If requested, they will supply all the parts needed. The techs were in proper work uniform, complete with work gloves and boots. Professionalism is evident here. When they have a creeper, you know they are professionals!


We supplied 6 liters of oil, and MyCasa supplied the Oil and Air filters, and front brake pads. The team was very neat, with fender covers to protect from scratches. They had their own table too, but most important, they also had their own used-oil disposal container.

Spark Plug checking


The spark plugs were checked, but were deemed to be still usable, so they were put back. The air filter was changed, though. The manual states the filter must be replaced at 5,000km, and that we did.


The most important component of the vehicle is the brake system. Always follow the recommended replacement interval. Although the rear pads are still 50% thick, we cannot say the same for the front pads. The boys replaced the pads and cleaned all moving parts after. They spray-cleaned the brake components after. This is why you have to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. We can just imagine the potential damage and costly repair if the pads were not replaced.

Just in time! The almost non-existent pad versus a brand new one

MyCasa.Ph is a welcome new service. They take the hassle out of  vehicle repair and maintenance by making it rather convenient by bringing the service to your home.

With todays’ horrendous traffic jam, going to the CASA or repair shop is quite a chore. Sometimes, you postpone the scheduled maintenance list which may lead to more costly repairs. MyCasa.Ph eliminates all of that. MyCasa.Ph brings excellent car service to your own CASA.

Services Include:

  • Tune Up
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Service/Replacement
  • Disc Rotor Refacing
  • Aircon Service
  • Acid Rain Removal

For appointments, call: MyCasa.Ph Home Service Car Care: 987-CASA (987-2272)

Email: [email protected]


Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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