Harley Davidson: The name itself evokes awe and respect. No other name in the motorcycle world has shook the fans and riders in this magnitude. Its every riders dream… young and old, male and female, to own and ride one.

Part of the mystique is the high, somewhat unaffordable price. Of course, dream machines don’t come cheap, that’s why they are so desirable. But HD is not for that. They want riders to experience the dream by actually owning one.

This 2018 saw Harleys become more affordable. According to Luiji Lardizabal, Marketing Manager of Harley Davidson Manila, Harley Davidson USA outsourced the production of some choice models to Thailand, mainly because of Trumponomics. Well, what may be disadvantageous for the US is an advantage for us locally. Because of the proximity and trade agreements between Asian nations, imports are slapped with less taxes, therefore slashing the retail price.

Without further ado, these are your dream machines.

Fat Boy

Softail Official Price list

Street Bob™                    Php 1,180,000

Low Rider™                      Php 1,150,000

Fat Bob™ 114                   Php 1,200,000

Sport Glide™                    Php1,200.000

Fat Boy™ 114                   Php 1,250,000

Breakout™ 114                 Php1,300,000

Heritage Classic 114          Php1,350,000 

Superlow™                       Php 650,000

Iron 883™                        Php 700,000

Iron 1200™                      Php 800,000

1200 Custom™                 Php 850,000

Forty-Eight™                    Php 850,000

Roadster™                       Php 900,000

Not only there are motorcycles, you could choose from an endless array of must-have Harley Davidson safety equipment and accessories:

There you have it. Some of the most desirable Harley Davidson models are now available for the taking. Go ahead, make your dreams come true. Get yourself a piece of history with Harley Davidson motorcycles.

For more information or just want to catch a glimpse of your favorite bike, contact:
Harley Davidson of Manila
1008 EDSA Greenhills
Manila, Philippines 1502
Tel: (02) 784 5006


Words/Images by Earl “HD” Manalansan


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