The 2018 Suzuki Jimny is the last for this generation. Before we say our last goodbyes, let us drive it around one last time, and check out some wheel accessories that will compliment this iconic 4wd. Sort of a last hurrah. Suzuki Philippines had a good run.

The Jimny has been around since its introduction in 1970. It’s classified as a Kei-Car; a Japanese legal category for the smallest and limited power, highway-legal motor vehicles, including passenger cars (kei cars or kei-class cars), microvans, and Kei trucks (kei-class pickup trucks).

The present third generation (JB23/JB33/JB43/JB53), is the most famous model locally. It coincided with the outdoor adventure boom, joining bigger SUVs and 4wd vehicles with bigger off-road tires and rims on off-road trips. The Jimny is known a a versatile adventure vehicle that can hold its own against its bigger brethren. Because of its short wheelbase and gross weight, it can go through deep ruts and mud with ease where other bigger vehicles get stuck.

Its the perfect ravel companion; high floor height, great manoeuvrability and a torquey engine makes urban travel a cinch, come hell or high water.

Window Shopping

In order to satisfy our curiosity, we headed to Auto Options, an automotive wheel/tire dealer, customization shop and parts store that also distributes suspension systems for almost all vehicles, and the Jimny is no exception. StreettalkPh goes window shopping for rims!

With even the wider rims, the tire of choice would be the same diameter of the stock ones; 225/75/15, this without fender modifications.  Just a change of rims transformed the Jimney from a regular joe to a classy 4wd!

Even if it’s on its last stand, we’d still roll with the 2018 Jimny! Yeah, even if everybody is anticipating the 4th generation Jimny, which will be available 2nd quarter of 2019.

Auto Options
21 Timog Ave, Bgy Laging Handa,
Quezon City, Philippines 1103
02) 372 4436


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