All good ramen restaurants have something in common, and that is Patience. Each component in a bowl takes time to prepare before they are combined. You can say that each ingredient has a story, and some of those components take hours or even days to be made properly. At Ukokkei Menzo by Japan, you can be sure that this patience is utilized, to bring you ramen that will leave your belly happy, all for an affordable price, and opening their third branch means more people will enjoy the sumptuous fare.

For starters, different kinds of salads were served. Each one has a distinct taste combination that’s perfect for any main dish. Just don’t eat too much, for there’s still much to savor.


Kani Salad
Tomato Salad and Lettuce
Lettuce with Tomatoes and seaweeds


Ukkokei by Japn also has the time-honored appetizers/side dishes that we all know and love. Tasty addition with Ramen.

The immortal California Maki
Teba Karaage

Those Famous Ramen

Starting with the heart of the bowl, the broth. Opening the Ukokkei menu, it states: “Pork based broth that is cooked for 15 hours, bringing out the rich flavors.” Reading this statement got me excited, and oh boy, did it deliver.

Special Kuro Ramen

I’ll say this, Kumamoto-style ramen is my favorite kind of ramen. Ukokkei has its own version of “Kuro”(Japanese for the color black). For those wondering, the black oil that you can see here is called “Mayu”. It’s basically black burnt garlic oil. For those who are skeptical, you should give “Kuro” a try. I guarantee that it will add a complex flavor that you never knew existed.

Shiro Chashu Ramen

The Shiro Chashu is rich, flavorful and opaque. The kind of emulsified porky goodness that is sure to leave your fingers sticky.  It’s no secret that the Chasu Pork is dry and chalky. Chasu tends to be the norm here.  This Chasu is moist and tender, and it elevates a good bowl of ramen to a great one.

Midori Ramen

The “Midori”(basil and spinach flavor), has a distinct green broth, that has a strong basil taste. Not your usual ramen, that’s for sure. You have to try it.

Aka Ramen

Next, the Aka Ramen, a young-crowd favorite, comes in slightly spicy taste. The zing is acceptable for most diners, but you can actually request more spiciness if you prefer.

If the broth is the heart of the bowl, then the noodles are the body. Overcooked ramen noodles is considered as sacrilege to hardcore ramen eaters. Ukokkei noodles are bouncy, chewy, and al dente. None of that mushy or gooey noodles that you can get from the lower quality of other brands.

Tsukomen: You want to be different? then Tsukomen (Dry Noodles and soup) is for you.

*Ramen prices range from Php 250 Chashu/ Php 230 Ajitama/ Php 190 Original

Rice Dishes

Don’t feel like Ramen? Well, here are some old but favorite rice meals that still tasty and filling.

Chashu Don
Katsu Curry Rice

Cap your sumptuous meal with dessert, of course!

The sinful Matcha Green Parfait

At Ukokkei Japan by Menzo, you can pick any Japanese dish you want from a wide array of fine choices. Whichever one you choose, one thing is for sure, Ukokkei delivers richness and flavor that you, and your bowl of ramen (and rice) deserves.

Ukkokei Japan by Menzo

Third Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City
Mobile No. +639173244321
Operating hours: 10 AM to 10 PM daily
Facebook: Ukokkei Japan by MENZO

Text/Images by Joshua Manalansan




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