To be honest, I didn’t understand the purpose of Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) in installing a smaller displacement RZ4E engine on the Dmax and MuX. I’ve always been a fan of their 2.5 and 3.0 litre engines for their power, torque and efficiency. Propelling passengers and cargo have been one of its selling points, and I feel a smaller engine negates this.

I was wrong.

Not all Isuzu users are into off road or extreme hauling. Some of them are just commuters who do a little adventure on the side; maybe hauling small items for business or transporting bikes or scooters to the countryside, no need for 4wd. Either way, they just need a simple truck that can transport and fuel-efficient as well. The RZ4E fills that need.

The RZ4E is an engineering marvel. The wonder engine has a displacement of a rather small 1,898-liters, producing a maximum power of 150 PS at 3,600 rpm, and a maximum torque reading of 350 N-m from 1,800-2600 rpm; and more importantly, its EURO 4 compliant.

Designed to replace the 2.5 litre variant, the RZ4E has almost the same output as its bigger sibling, if not more. Thanks to its revolutionary technological features like the new-design combustion system, new fracture split design connecting rod and DLC fuel injector needles; all work together to decrease engine friction, thus stimulating better fuel economy and more importantly, lesser exhaust emissions.

The main feature here is the new water-cooled Variable Geometry Turbo-charger system, that ensures that the engine has more throttle response at low rpm. The turbo-charger’s turbine is manufactured from high temperature resilient material, while the central body is water cooled for extreme durability, and to prevent turbo seizure.

Ease of maintenance is the name of the game as the new RZ4E engine is equipped with Hydraulic Valve Lash Adjuster (HVLA) which maintains the correct valve lash clearance, a Single Engine Accessory Drive-belt for the alternator and air-conditioning compressor and a Cartridge-type Oil Filter – replacing only the paper element of the filter, that allows continuous reuse of the metal canister.


The interior is simple and spartan, which is logical. A no-frills, low maintenance interior is the name of the game. The entertainment system is also equipped with Blue Tooth and USB. The screen is large enough for easy reading.

The Isuzu Dmax RZ4E is more agile and peppy, thanks to its lighter engine. It’s easier to use as compared to other trucks. Cruising speed is about 100kph (at 1,900rpm) and fuel economy is about 37.27 km (Based from AAP/DOE eco run). We may have achieved similar results, as we returned the Dmax with still 1/3 tank fuel left, compared to almost empty with other demo units.

The Isuzu Dmax LS RZ4E is recommended for urban warriors, who need a business/leisure vehicle, sort of a small SUV with a big bed. No need for rip-roaring torque, just the old-fashioned reliability and fuel economy with heavy duty capability.

Oh yeah, before we forget; StreettalkPh recommends installing a removable bed cover, for cargo security.

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Text/Images by Earl Manalansan



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