The New Ford Raptor. Smashing everything in its path. (Image by

The Ford Raptor. It’s here. Finally.

Months before the actual launching, leaked pictures flooded the internet, pumping too much hype for enthusiasts and fanatics alike.  The first media introduction abroad only added to the excitement. All the hoopla raised the inevitable question: “Is it worth the wait?”

Finally, the local media launch held during the first week of October confirmed it. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

Amid the sudden downpour that evening, the anticipation was growing, it actually added excitement when the dirt track became even muddier, making the Raptor feel at home. Zooming on the mud and jumping inclines only proves that the Raptor can take anything you throw at it. With the AC on.

The engine is a 2.0 litre Bi-Turbo Diesel engine. Yes, you read that right. Bi-Turbo. 2 Sequential Turbos. Many have asked, why is it only a 2.0 liter engine, when the top-of-the-line Ranger had the 3.2 litre, 5-cylinder engine? Well friends, its because the new engine is Biturbo. Yes BI-Turbo. When mortal engines have one turbocharger, this monster has two.

How it works: The small turbo for lower engine rpm range, and the larger turbo for higher rpm range. This means sequential boosted power is present across the engine range.

The Engine (Image:

Horsepower: 213ps @ 3750rpm

Torque:500 @ 1750-2000rpm

Transmission: 10-speed Automatic


Designed by FORD’s engineers to be the benchmark as the factory-built performance truck across the Asia-Pacific Region. (The US version of the Raptor is based on the bigger F-150 truck) The Raptor is built with the true performance enthusiasts in mind. With the original equipment installed, you won’t need to upgrade anything. Yeah, right.Hard-core enthusiasts will definitely upgrade anything and everything on this Raptor, awesome as it is now.

Wheels are 32in overall height, 17″ in Alloy in 285/70/R17 tires. Why 17s when the Ranger Wildtrak have 18in wheels? Simple, since the meatier tires have taller sidewalls, smaller diameter rims makes more sense, as the tires have to clear the fenders, and also provide a more tolerable ride.

  • Front Suspension Aluminum Double Wishbone with Fox Racing Shocks Internal Bypass Dampers and Anti-roll Bar

  • Rear Suspension Coil-over Shock with Fox Racing Shocks Internal Bypass Reservoir Dampers and Watt’s Link

  • Front and Rear Brakes: Ventilated Large Discs

  • Wheels 17″ in Dyno Gray Alloy in 285/70/R17

The famed FOX performance coilovers.


The main attraction here is the gaping grille with the “FORD emblazoned in the middle. The upper and lower portion of the grille feature rectangular vents that strangely enough, look like fangs. So, if there’s a Raptor rolling behind you, it definitely look like it will devour you alive.
A thick angular bumper augments the front fascia, emitting a serious all-business look, while the black over-fenders prevents the mud strewn by the tires from reaching the body.


  • Front: Body-contoured Sports Seats, 8-way Power Adjust Driver Seat, 6-way Manual Adjust Passenger Seat

  • Rear Bench Seat with Fold-up Function

The Raptor is available in the following colors:

  • Conquer(!) Gray
  • Lightning Blue
  • Race Red
  • Shadow Black
  • Frozen White

There you have it. The New For Raptor is now available nationwide at a retail of Php1,898,000, which is surprisingly reasonable, as we expected at least Php2m for one. But with the demand far exceeding the supply, we also expect that the price will definitely breach the 2m mark in the near future. Worth it? Most definitely.

Words by Earl Manalansan

Images by

Additional launch images by Neil Pagulayan



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