When China-manufactured vehicles entered the market over 2 decades ago, it was met with much doubt, and was seen as a forlorn marquee. Questions about reliability and after-sales support hounded the dealers. But who can blame the customers? The first few dealers didn’t take their brand seriously, and compromised the reputation of china-made cars. Other brands who came in later, had a lot of catching up to do with their Japanese and Korean counterparts.

And catch up they did, and how! Several China brands have cropped up and invested heavily in their products services, and now they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Bayan Automotive Industries Corporation (BAIC) Philippines is one of those players. Under the helm of BAIC Chairman George Chua, it has slowly but surely took hold of its place in the market with reliable and quality vehicles. Now, it added two vehicles in their arsenal; the BJ20, a compact crossover utility vehicle, and the M50S, a multipurpose vehicle.

The BJ20 is surprisingly attractive. With strong angular design and solid looking profile, it’s a departure from the conservative design house of BAIC. The fascia is aggressive looking, with a dominant chrome grille, sleek DRLs and large headlights. It looks more like an SUV, which is a plus.

Another surprise is the MITSUBISHI sourced powerplant. This is a logical choice, using a proven engine instead of engineering one from scratch. Reliablity is the main purpose here.


  • Front engine, Front wheel drive, 6 Passenger Crossover
  • 4A91T MIVEC 1.5 litre Turbocharged Petrol Engine Euro 5 rated
  • Power: [email protected],000rpm
  • Torque: 210Nm @2000rpm
  • Transmission: CVT Steptronic with 2 Modes
  • Tires: 225/55/18


  • BJ20 Standard Turbo CVT Php1.148M
  • BJ20 Turbo CVT Luxury Edition Php1,288M


The M50S The new M50S is an improved version of the popular BAIC M20 introduced some time ago, and the new MPV is a vast improvement, a three-row vehicle with versatility in mind.

The roomy interior will actually fit 8 passengers in the bench-seat version, and 7 passengers in the bucket seat equipped model. All seats are clad in the revolutionary microfiber leather – synthetic leather that is now widely used in the global automotive industry, instead of actual animal pelts.

The MPV retains the best in class 2790mm wheelbase, a comfy suspension that’s more comparable to a sedan than a van, and a solid rear axle, it’s a neat package that brings more value for money.


  • Engine: DVVT 15DL 1.5 litre Euro 5 Petrol engine
  • Power: 114hp
  • Torque 150Nm
  • Electric Steering
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual


  • M50S Luxury Php638,000
  • M50S 7-seat Ultra-Luxury Version Php668,000

For more information, contact BAIC at 810-0151 or visit BAIC Dealership at 2232 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

Photos/Text by Earl Manalansan


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