Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, is here to help your older car stay on the road by making the maintenance of your car more convenient and accessible. Take your older Kia vehicle to your preferred dealership’s service bay and have Kia technicians inspect, adjust and replace components to keep your car running smoothly and consistently. Strictly following the prescribed PMS schedule for your vehicle will extend the service life of your older Kia even further.

Qualified Technicians work tirelessly on your KIA
Only Kia Genuine Parts will do (image from

You may own an older Kia vehicle that you’ve spent hundreds of hours on the road and many thousands of kilometers in. You believe that your relationship with that older generation model is already a milestone in itself. Your vehicle is now a part of your family. You can trust Kia to keep that partnership going for more years and more kilometers through a regular Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) program, and by using Kia Genuine Parts.

All Kia dealerships have a slew of Kia Genuine Parts available for various Kia models of all ages, as well as well-trained staff that are knowledgeable in the installation and maintenance of these cars and their respective parts. Kia Genuine Parts are manufactured to maximum manufacturing tolerances, ensuring functionality and a secure fit. These parts are all designed to deliver long-lasting performance and reliabilty for even some of the earliest Kia models. You can always trust in Kia’s expertise to help you keep your older car on the road longer.

Contacting your trusted Service Advisor or calling (02) 310 58 43 or (0922) 822 5752 will help you on your inquiries on how you and your older Kia can spend more kilometers on the road together.


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