Season 5 of the Vios Cup held its final race for the season, and what a race it was!

After the infamous Filinvest race months ago, The Vios Cup contenders are back at at the Clark International Raceway, to decide, once and for all, who the best driver and team is.

46 drivers and 7 celebrity racers came together for one final run. Celebrity racers included Sam Milby, Diego Loyzaga, Chie Filomeno and Sofia Andres graced the event with returning celebrities Fabio Ide and Gretchen Ho. Sadly, actor Troy Montero was not present. which was unfortunate because of his excellent performance in the previous races.

Although Clark is less technical than the Filinvest track, the Pampanga based raceway is faster and more grueling. It may be considered a game-changer after all. The climate is hotter and more punishing for both car and driver, pushing both to the limit.


RACE 6: Rota Celebrity

  • 3rd – Gretchen Ho
  • 2nd – Sam Milby
  • 1st – Fabio Ide


Rota Promotional

  • 3rd – JJ Beredo
  • 2nd – Bobby Pangilinan
  • 1st – Clive Fermin

Bridgestone Sporting Class

  • 5th – Red Diwa
  • 4th – Lord Seno
  • 3rd – John Dizon
  • 2nd – Jon Effinger
  • 1st – Rhaffy Latorre


Toyota Super Sporting Class

  • 5th Gerard Loy
  • 4th Paulo Agregado
  • 3rd Dominic Ochoa
  • 2nd Estefano rivera
  • 1st Alan Uy

RACE 7: Rota Celebrity

  • 3rd – Diego Loyzaga
  • 2nd – Chie Filomeno
  • 1st – Fabio Ide

Rota Promotional

  • 3rd – JJ Beredo
  • 2nd – Miguel Cezar
  • 1st – Dimple Napat

Bridgestone Sporting Class

  • 5th – Kiko Dysico
  • 4th – Lord Seno
  • 3rd – Gel Napat
  • 2nd – Jon Effinger
  • 1st – John Dizon

Toyota Super Sporting Class

  • 5th – Dominic Ochoa
  • 4th – Brian Co
  • 3rd – Alan Uy
  • 2nd – Ivan Diaz
  • 1st – Gerard Loy


RACE 8: Rota Celebrity

  • 3rd – Gretchen Ho
  • 2nd – Chie Filomeno
  • 1st – Sam Milby

Rota Promotional

  • 3rd – JJ Beredo
  • 2nd – Clive Fermin
  • 1st – Dimple Napat

Birdgestone Sporting Class

  • 5th – Lord Seno
  • 4th – Kiko Dysico
  • 3rd – Red Diwa
  • 2nd – Donnvic Portugal
  • 1st – John Dizon

Toyota Super Sporting Class

  • 5th – Miko Maristela
  • 4th – Raymond Ronquillo
  • 3rd – Estefano Rivera
  • 2nd – Keith Bryan Haw
  • 1st – Dominic Ochoa (Provisionally the 2018 Champion)


Denso Awards

  • Fastest Lap Celebrity Class – Fabio Ide
  • Fastest Lap Promotional Class – Bobby Pangilinan – Toyota Cebu
  • Fastest Lap Sporting Class – John Dizon – Toyota Marilao – Obengers
  • Fastest Lap Super Sporting Class – Estefano Rivera – Toyota Balintawak – Obengers

Brembo Awards

  • Most Improved Celebrity Driver – Sam Milby
  • Driver of the Day – Dominic Ochoa – Toyota Quezon Avenue

Motul Awards

  • Slingshot Award 11th Place to 3rd Place – Sporting Class – Red Diwa
  • Slingshot Award 9th Place to 4th Place – Super Sporting Class – Raymond Ronquillo


  • Team Biskeg – 198 points
  • Team Cebu – 313 points

Tuason Racing Awards

  • Team Executive Class – Promotional – 3rd Place – Rudy Bunag
  • Team Executive Class – 2nd Place – Vincent Courcol
  • Team Executive Class – 1st Place – Clive Fermin
  • Team Executive Class – Sporting – 2nd – Oscar Suarez
  • Team Executive Class – Sporting – 1st – Jon Effinger

What we learned after Season 5

Expect the unexpected:

Driving surprises seem to be the order of the day. New overtaking techniques inside and outside the curves surprise even the hardened pro. Fender benders are more commonplace than ever and it’s not unusual to see hanging bumpers, sagging side mirrors and loose fenders flapping at speed.

Resilience: Most drivers, especially the women, have shown much spirit in competing against other racers. Heat and stress aside, the determination was present with everyone. Concentration meant focus on the car, track and the car in front to you.

Talent: Drivers who were in since the first Vios Cup have shown tremendous professional growth. Phem Barranda, Fabio Ide and Troy Montero have morphed from novices to professionals. Although practicing often is one of the keys, raw talent is still the main ingredient.

Girl Power: Gretchen Ho, Phem Barranda, Sofia Andres, and crowd favorite Elysse Menorca, have shown that the Vios Cup is not exclusive to male racers. Sure, no female driver have won the championship yet, but it can happen next season.

Toyota Quality: Of course, none of this would have been possible if not for the indestructible Toyota Vios. The cars receiving punishment, is an understatement. Redline powershifting and downshifting, speeding up to 180kph along the straights and bumping or crashing with each other, just to get the additional inch ahead. Despite all the abuse, the Vios still keeps on kicking. Even a couple of overturned car incidents did not affect the car much. At the Filinvest race, one Vios turned turtle at one of the curves. Although the driver was unhurt, Fans also feared for the worst for the car. Nevertheless, the salvage crew turned the car right side up, started the engine driven out of the track, much to the surprise and relief of the spectators.

Did we also mention that the AC must be in working condition? Some drivers confess turning on the AC while waiting in the pits and at the grid.

Next year’s race promises more speed and action. See you next season.


Racers in starting grid
There they go!

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Race winners images by Ronald De Los Reyes

Text and Vios images by Earl Manalansan




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