Team Total featuring the Buncio Sisters

Apart from its products and services, TOTAL also believes in the importance of developing raw talent. Since 2017, through their top-of-the-line motorcycle engine oil HI-PERF, Total has been a partner and sponsor of Jacquelyn “Jacq” Buncio, the 2017 overall Superbikes Cup champion in the Heavyweight A category. 

Jacq Buncio

TOTAL this 2018 has decided to also sponsor Jacquelyn’s sister Maria “Des” Lourdes Buncio, who was the 2017 overall Superbikes Cup champion for the Lightweight A Category. Both exceptional individuals, whose late brother was superbikes legend Maico Buncio, now form Team Total.

Des Buncio

These exceptional women are rightfully placed within Total’s raison d’etre because as they carve their place in a typically male-dominated sport, which takes courage and an incredible amount of talent, they also put new energy into the races and inspire other female motorsports athletes in the country, Jacq and Des have demonstrated unique talents in motorsports.

As a global leader, Team Total aim to successfully fulfill the company’s long-standing commitment to its international motorsports heritage; and its commitment to empowering women in motorsports.

Off the track. they are still young women after all.


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