Crustasia retains the iconic street counter-look made famous in Singapore and Hong Kong

Crustasia Asian Seafood Market is back, and how!

This is perhaps one of the greatest comebacks since John Travolta’s career was saved by his role in the movie “Pulp Fiction”; Travolta was back, better than ever!

Chef Peter Ayson, the main man of Crustasia Asian Seafood Market

Now under the creative helm of Chef Peter Ayson, CRUSTASIA is now brimming with the delicacies of the orient, mixing different flavors to come up with a new kind of fusion, without actually forgetting the sacred origins of each.

Chef Ayson and his associates don’t rely on restrictive unavailable ingredients, but more of improvising and improving existing dishes and injecting it with his own taste, mixing flavors and coming out with his own unique dish. Freshness is the priority, sourcing the best from all over the country, with Chef Ayson personally inspecting the raw materials.

The youthful chef can be amazingly creative; he can still make a fantastic concoction even with the wrong ingredient, and make it to the best impromptu dessert, just like what he did with the Sticky rice with Mango. Purple rice was used instead of ‘malagkit” kind, and it turned out beautifully.

The Gastronomic Kamikaze, StreettalkPh’s own food adventurer, was fortunate enough to be invited to a sampling of the just reinvented and comebacking CRUSTASIA.

Here’s a few of the delightful dishes offered upon us, half a dozen viands may be less than anticipated, but believe me, the mix of flavors awoken our senses, the variety of taste presented are just too much for the palate, which was just enough.

For starters: The Crispy Catfish Salad
Mixed Seafood Tum Yum, just the right amount of spiciness, mixed with the tangy taste of the lemongrass
Crustasia Bagoong Rice with whole meat strips
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce So tasty that we forgot about the sauce
The Claypot Catfish in Vietnamese Fish Sauce
The must-have Chicken Pandan
Roasted Garlic Crab with Egg Noodles
The tasty Pad Thai
The Pièce De Rèsistance:Steamed Grouper in Superior Soy Sauce
Wash it down with exotic drinks

Let’s  not forget the desserts!

Guyabano Tropical
Sticky purple rice with mango
Ice Kacang, similar to our Hau-halo
Operating hours:  10AM to 12Midnight
Address:  Second Floor, Newport CityMall, Resorts World Manila, Newport City, Pasay City
Mobile: +63 9454639248
Let us know what you think!
Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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