The Vios Cup Season 5, raced in Filinvest Alabang Street Circuit

From the expanse of the Clark International Raceway, The Vios Cup Season 5 second leg transferred to Filinvest, Alabang.1.74km street circuit has been laid out and occupied the lanes of Commerce Avenue, Promenade Street, ASEAN Drive, and Parkway Avenue.

At the starting line:

The new Vios, launched a few days before, is the new official pacecar

The July 28 – 29 second leg of the Vios Cup Season 5 proved to the most technical so far. Compared to the wide turns and long straightway of the CIR, the Filinvest track was the opposite. Narrow roads and literally sharp turns at 90º, after all, this is really a community road; businesses actually are located on these streets. The track was deemed difficult, but this brought out the competitiveness of the drivers. They are now more aggressive and cunning to take the lead.

Collision was the order of the day. One notorious corner near the bleachers proved too sharp to navigate. A good number of racers collided, either with other cars or with the retaining wall. Also noted was the loose asphalt caused by high-speed turns may have contributed to some accidents. Regardless, it was exciting for the fans, cheering wildly for their teams, especially during collisions. Compared to CIR, the bleachers are just 20ft away from the track, giving the spectators a close-up look at the cars and drivers.

The competition among drivers was such, that there were instances that they literally rammed a stalled car that was blocking their way. Those that were trailing the pack jumped several places ahead, thanks to the mayhem. Recorded speed was lower than those in Clark raceway, but driver talent took some beating here. Everyone were on their toes. A simple mistake can cause you the lead, or flip the car over.

Car 48 of Oliver Matias flipped over at that same corner. Drivers slowed down but proceeded to speed up after passing the unfortunate car. The yellow flag was up, race slowed down but did not halt the race. One thing to note here was the Vios racecar toughness. After the mishap, marshalls just tipped the car over without the help of the AAP tow truck. To the spectators amazement, the car’ engine started and went to the pits on its own power; a testament to the bulletproof quality of all Toyota Vios. Earlier, Sofia Andres also rammed the retaining wall. She wanted to continue but the damage to the left front end of her car proved too much, requiring the towing of the car.

StreettalkPh favorite woman driver, Elysse Minorca of Team Obengers, performed exceptionally well. She took second place, after Brian Currie in the promotional class.
Seven new drivers join the grid this year, four of which are from the celebrity class. The returning celebrities set to go racing are Sofia Andres, Chie Filomeno, Diego Loyzaga and Sam Milby. Maila Aliva and Miguel Cezar joined the Rota Promotional Class while John Dizon starts off in the Bridgestone Sporting Class. Several driver have also graduated to higher classes as well.

The 3rd and last leg returns to the Clark International Raceway on September 21-22.


Official Results


Celebrity Class

Diego Loyzaga 1st

Fabio Ide 2nd

Troy Montero 3rd

Rota Promotional Class

Jinno Rufino 1st

Vincent Courcol 2nd

Brian Currie 3rd

Bridgestone Sporting Class

Victor Buensuceso 1st

Red Diwa 2nd

Kiki Dysico 3rd

Oliver Matias 4th

Lourd Seno 5th

Super Sporting Class

Estefano Rivera 1st

Dominic Ochoa 2nd

Raymond Ronquillo 3rd

Keith Brian Haw 4th

Aira Medrano 5th


Celebrity Class

Troy Montero 1st

Fabio Ide 2nd

Chienna Filomeno 3rd

Promotional Class

Brian Currie 1st

Elysse Menorca 2nd

Jinno Rufino 3rd

Sporting Class

Lord Seno 1st

Kikio Dysico 2nd

Red Diwa 3rd

Phoemela Barranda 4th

Oscar Suarez 5th

Super Sporting Class

Brian Co 1st

Aira Medrano 2nd

Raymond Ronquillo 3rd

Keth Brian Haw 4th

Jette Calderon 5th

Text/Images by Earl Manalansan


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