Part of the 1,000 units ordered by ecoDyip Inc., from Mahindra Philippines

Ecodyip Inc,. a newly formed local transport company that aims to gain entry in and support the government’s Public Utiiity Modernization Program, has formally signed a contract with Mahindra Phils., to supply 1,000 units of Mahindra Modern Jeepneys worth Php2 Billion. The first 100 units was turned over after the signing ceremonies at the Megatent in Libis, Quezon City, headed by Felix J. Mabilog, Jr., President of Mahindra Philippines. Special guest was Dotr Undersecretary Tim  Orbos.

(From L) Arvind Mathew, Chief of International Operations, Mahindra, Felix Mabilog President, Mahindra Philippines, Dennise Trajano, ecoDyip Managing Director.
DOTr Undersecretary Tim Orbos, discussing the government direction on modern PUVs.

Dennise Trajano, Managing Director of ecoDyip, Inc., which has signed the landmark deal with Mahindra, stated “His company is venturing into the local jeepney-bound commuter line and feels confident that the Mahindra T20 and Supro Modern Jeepney which it has chosen as carriers, are more than capable in meeting the requirments of the commuting public.”

“Having tested the Mahindra T20 and Suro Modern Jeepneys on the road for days, I find the vehicleresponsive, efficient and has good handling capabilities.” Trajano syays. “One advantage worth mentioning is its air-conditioning system which can provide comfortable cooling power even when the units are fully loaded.” he added.


In what was a belated press conference that was awaited, especially by the motoring media, is the official response of Mahindra Philippines to the PNP vehicle issue. Mahindra Philippines President Felix J. Mabilog and Chief of International Operations of Mahindra and Mahindra Arvind Mathew, discussed in detail the circumstances and proper response to the former bidding process and maintenance problem.

The Commission on Audit earlier flagged the 1,656 Mahindra Enforcer patrol units worth P1.5 billion and 398 Mahindra Scorpio light transport units worth P349 million, purchased during the previous Aquino administration, saying these were purchased without proper assessment.

Mr. Arvind Mathew

Chief of International Operations of Mahindra and Mahindra Arvind Mathew, reiterated Mahindra’s commitment to quality and service to its vehicles. “Mahindra is a Fortune 500 Conglomerate with over US22Bn in annual revenues, with 200,000 employees in over 100 countries.” says Mathew. ” We will not let our reputation suffer just to make a quick sale” he added.

Mr. Felix  J.Mabilog

Mahindra Philippines President Felix J. Mabilog explained further. “We stand by our vehicles. Mahindra is extending “Goodwill Warranty” to the 2,200 units all over the country. Free check and maintenance. No other manufacturers have undertaken an operation of this magnitude.” says Mabilog. “This has no financial benefit from Mahindra, aside from the commitment for the Mrvehicles.” he added. “Also, news being peddled about the bidding favoring Mahindra is false. First Mahindra has been in the country for more than 10 years (as required in the bidding) as a certain company has been importing Mahindra vehicles during that time.” says Mabilog.

The bidding requirements have been changed 5 times, to accommodate other manufacturers, with Mahindra winning the last bid. The changes were: lowering the engine displacement from 2900cc to 2200cc, and lowering of Torque rating from 240Nm to 200Nm. Mahindra, on the other hand, had a 100hp, 2500cc diesel engine with 240Nm of Torque, which is more than the basic requirement.”  – Mr. Felix Mabilog

When asked how long the whole maintenance/rescue of vehicles will take, Mr. Mathew said that “the period may last up to 4 months, with the units in Visayas and Mindanao taking the longest. Some units are in the war-tgorn areas that will take longer to reach“. Mathew added.

The Press Conference

Mahindra hopes that this will clear up any misinformation that has been spreading in the many news outlets. The officers of Mahindra welcome any investigations by Congress and COA, and will cooperate to the fullest extent, says Mathew.

Mahindra is in the Philippines for the long haul.

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(Some text/Images by Earl Manalansan)

About Mahindra and Mahindra:

Mahindra is a US $20.7 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India, with a presence in more than 100 countries and employing over 200,000 people.
Our operations span 21 key industries that form the foundation of every modern economy.

From assembling the iconic jeep that conquered independent India’s toughest terrain, we’re today focused on innovation and technology to fuel us forward.
We still make great automobiles, and offer a portfolio of products and a suite of services that unleash new modes of thinking, bringing to life unimagined possibilities.


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