The officers pose in front of the UNI Ballpen booth in Manila Ocean Park

Lupel Corporation, makers of Uni ballpens, teams up with Manila Ocean Park by establishing a booth inside the park, to help disseminate marine ecology information and educate children with environmental issues. Lupel now has a booth inside the park and named it UNI Ocean Conservation Center. The booth also serves as an educational center for children, teens and even adults that are willing to learn the attitude of giving value to our oceans and keeping it clean and safe, not only for humans but also for marine life.

The new line of UNI ballpens and signpens
Panel Interview. From left, Host, Mr. Luis S. Pellicer – President / CEO, Ms. Michelle F. Pellicer – Vice President, Manila Ocean Park Manager, Alla Nolasco and Jay-R Macapagal

Lupel also produced an educational AVP on how plastic wastes affect the ocean ecology, and how we Filipinos especially children, can do to contribute to the conservation of sea life. Using the slogan REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE, the video teches the viewer on how to help the environment.

  • REDUCE the use of plastic proucts, such as plastic bags, straws and cups, and use paper based materials instead.
  • REUSE plastic containers, such as drums and garbage bags for other purposes, such as storage for different materials.
  • RECYCLE bottles, ballpens, baskets and other plastic components by giving them to recycling plants, instead of throwing them away.
Lupel Corp. VP and GM Ms.Mitch Pellicer

Ms. Mitch Pellicer, Lupel Corporation Vice President and General Manager, stated“It is for everyone who wants to learn how to help in conservation of the ocean. The Philippines ranks third in countries that dump plastic garbage in the oceans, but we Filipinos now have a chance to stop it and actually reverse the adverse effect.

To further this campaign with the public, UNI ballpens also obtained the services of ramp and tv model, Kat Pellicer, TV personalities Alla Nolasco and Jay-R Macapagal as endorsers, not only for UNI Ballpens but also serve as spokespersons on environmental issues and ecology. Their status as celebrities and influencers can have positive effect on their fanbase, making them more aware on environmental issues. Also supporting this endeavor are the officers of both Lupel Corporation and Manila Ocean Park.

UNI Ballpen endorsers Alla Nolasco, Jay-R Macapagal and Kat Pellicer

In line with this thrust, Ms. Pellicer proudly announced that Uni ballpens are now made with 70% recycled materials. She stated that, not only are they made with highest quality, but also with materials that are not harmful to nature. UNI Ballpens can also be recycled to make new pens.

Let us do our part. Remember: REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE.

StreettalkPh supports this campaign.


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