Leading motorcycle brand strengthens its take on road safety programs

Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC), the first motorcycle riding school in the country that provides comprehensive training for both 2-Wheel and 4-Wheel vehicles and even truck certification, celebrates its 10th anniversary and thanksgiving day along with the Honda group of companies namely Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI,) Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI,) and Honda Manufacturing Parts Corporation (HPMC.)

HSDC offers programs in road safety training which aims to help safeguard the well-being of motorcycle riders and automobile drivers.

The institution also conducts training courses for Beginners and Refreshers, as well as Seminars that provide the rules of the road and demonstrate proper and legal safety maneuvers for motorcycle riding. These programs are ideal for those who want to learn safety techniques, relearn driving, and awareness as a Safe Road User.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, HSDC updates the public about the projects they have done so far after the launch of the One Honda Road Safety (1HRS) for our Family Campaign, a joint advocacy of the Honda group of companies. This was awarded as one of the best road safety programs by the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists. This is HSDC’s milestone and long-term commitment to building a community of safe and responsible road users.

HSDC also launches its newest services, such as the Basic Group Riding Course, the Big Bike Safety Riding Course, the Executive Driving Course, and Kids on Safety Program.

The celebration also coincides with the thanksgiving and awarding of the Certificate of Appreciation to all of its road safety program partners. Since it is important to HSDC that its riders make it home safely, it awards its partners to recognize their efforts in helping make this goal into a reality.

Dealer-Partners awardees/

HSDC sets to strengthen its programs on road safety, accident prevention, and risk reduction through its new training innovations and Dealer Road Safety Program, which features training courses and audiovisuals to provide customers with road safety tips. These tips also aim to eliminate bad habits on the road, which alarmingly cause accidents that kill over 10,300 Filipinos a year according to the World Health Organization. This is why it is important for HSDC to provide these courses to promote intelligent, safe and responsible motorcycle riding.

This is aligned with Honda’s commitment not only to provide quality products and services with technological expertise, but also safe riding practices for every Filipino family to further experience the joy of riding Honda motorcycles and driving Honda cars.

Honda Safety Driving Center also held a fun run for media personalities and club members to showcase their motorcycle and automobile driving prowess,and at the same time show what kind of training to expect from the Honda instructors. The whole compound was transformed to a maze of turns and straightways, as well as timed runs to spice things up. Despite the heat, the participants were all eager to wring the vehicles out.

The Honda Safety Driving Center is open for for all people who want to learn how to ride properly, with emphasis on safety and regulations. Even drivers with driving experiences can hone and update their skills again.

For more information about Honda Philippines and its upcoming events, go to www.hondaph.com or follow the official Facebook page at facebook.com/hondaph/.


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